Free Android Auto & CarPlay Updates for 2015-6 Hyundai Sonata, 2015-6 Genesis, 2016 Elantra, 2016 Tucson & 2017 Santa Fe Sport

2017 ELANTRA SEDAN with Android Auto

Many Hyundai owners who have been waiting for promised updates to CarPlay and Android Auto will be happy that the wait is over. Today, Hyundai is releasing a free do-it-yourself updates for compatible Hyundai model cars to upgrade to CarPlay and Android Auto through its website. Hyundai says that no other automaker has supplied as large or comprehensive updates. Updates for CarPlay and Android Auto 2016 model-year Sonata Hybrid, Sonata Plug-In Hybrid, Veloster and Azera with Navigation will be announced at a later date.

The two systems Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are designed to bring common smartphone feature into to cars seamlessly. We learned at CES that the update was delayed due to incompatibility with the navigation software on some models. The good news is that  owners of Hyundai models with navigation are not only getting new smartphone integration but they are also getting the navigation software updated for free.

“Now with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the maps are updated all the time on the phones,” said Miles Johnson, Senior Manager, Quality, Service and Technology, Public Relations at Hyundai North America, told AUTO Connected Car News.

CarPlay requires an iPhone with a lightning connector and iOS 7 or higher. Android requires and Android phone with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, a Bluetooth connection and the cable that came with the phone. If you ask Siri while connected to CarPlay, “What can Siri do?” She replies “You can ask me to get directions find businesses, make phone calls play music and check or send texts and emails. I can show you lots more when you’re not driving.”

Android Auto brings Android into the car for music, messaging Google Maps, calendar integration and phone functions using the touchscreen or the Ok Google through the voice button. At Google I/O it was announced Android Auto will be coming as a standalone product without cars on smartphone and Waze app will be added. Read Android Auto Tips & Tricks or Android Auto Review.

Download times on computers for the 2015-6 Sonata with Navigation, 2015-6 Genesis with Navigation or 2016 Tucson with Navigation can take between 1-3 hours to download from the computer and up to 40 minutes to install into the vehicles. While the 2016 Sonata (7″), 2016 Elantra GT with Navigation, 2017 Santa Fe with Navigation, 2017 Santa Fe Sport (7″) and Santa Fe Sport with Navigation take 15-30 minutes to download and 20 minutes to install. See chart below for more details of which model gets what kind of update and how long it takes.

adnroidautocarplayhyundai2If you don’t want to perform the upgrade you can take your Hyundai a local dealer. The dealer will charge the a fee for the labor required to install the software.

To update the software, you’ll need your VIN number USB Drive (USB 2 or lower) with at least 5GB of space or the SD card from the Navigation system. If you don’t have an SD card reader on your computer, you’ll need a USB card reader with an SD Card port. has installation guides to walk you through the process.

Soon, there will do-it-yourself installation videos on YouTube. In the meantime, a video from the last Hyundai update to Android Auto is very similar and follows bellow.

To register for an account, owners need their name, e-mail address, zip code and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Go to the MyHyundai owner’s site at
LOG IN OR REGISTER – If you do not have a MyHyundai account, click Register.If you have a MyHyundai account, Click Log In.

Select the Vehicle you would like to update

  • Select downloads in the navigation, then the appropriate download downloads drop-down.
  • On the  downloads page, the owner must agree to the terms and conditions to activate the download button.
  • Once the “download update” button is active, clicking it will start the download. (Note your computer should be plugged into a power source during the download). Select continue.
  • Once the download is complete:
    • On Mac -open the downloaded DMG file. By default, the file will be in your Downloads Folder. Select Open on the system-warning pop-up screen. Double-click on the Hyundai icon.
    • On Windows – Select Run to download and execute the Download Tool. The Download Tool will be downloaded. Select Yes for the download too.
  • At this point, the owner connects a compatible USB drive to their computer.(Upon completing the download, the Download Tool will start. Insert a compatible USB drive to your computer’s USB port. Otherwise, the update process will not proceed until an appropriate USB drive is connected. NOTE: USB drive should be formatted a)s either FAT16 or FAT32; its available size should be greater than 2GB and less than 32GB.
  • The Download Tool will show progress as it downloads and copies the software onto your USB drive.Note: Do not remove your USB drive until the download is complete
  • The download tool will automatically extract the downloaded files and put them on the USB drive.
  • A confirmation screen will appear when the download is complete. Then you can remove the USB drive from your computer.


In the vehicle.

WARNING: Do not shut off the engine while you are installing the software update.

  • Park the car in a well-ventilated area and start the engine.
  • Connect the USB drive with the vehicle software on it to the USB port that connects to media.
  • Press the setup button near the radio controls.
  • Scroll down and tap the System Info icon on the touchscreen.
  • Tap update at the bottom of the touchscreen.
  • Confirm the update tap the OK “Insert the update memory and press the [OK]
  • The Software Update will begin automatically .
  • The software update is completed after the system reboot an you confirm the warning message.
  • To enable Android Auto or CarPlay. Navigate to Connectivity Settings in the Setup menu to find the enable Android Auto or CarPlay on/off switch. Turn of the correct option.
  • Connected a cable to your phone.


The software will automatically update through seven steps:
1. Preparing System Update
2. Copying Files
3. Preparing System Update (System automatically reboots. Blank screen
will momentarily appear.)
4. Updating the System
5. Updating GPS
6. Updating Modem (Does not apply to non-Bluelink-equipped vehicles.)
7. Updating uCom

NOTE: There will be multiple occurrences where the Hyundai logo or display will be black during the update process. This is normal. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the update process.

For vehicles with Navigation there is another process. The steps at the Hyundai website are almost the same except the software is downloaded to the SD Card. Regular SD Cards will not work because cars require automotive grade SD cards to deal with the heat in cars and other factors.

  • Remove the SD card out of the center console by opening the SD map slot.
  • Insert the SD card into your computer’s built-in or external SD card reader. You must use the SD card from your vehicle. Using a non-OE SD card will disable your Navigation system.
  • Follow the prompts to download the software update. Once downloaded, insert the SD card back into your vehicle.

If you have trouble, you can call Hyundai customer support at (800) 633-5151

Mon – Fri 5:00 am – 7:00 pm PST
Sat – Sun, 6:30 am -3:00 pm PST

It is best to wait for time when you don’t need to use your car immediately.

Read Android Auto review from Lynn Walford. Look for CarPlay review on GearBrain in the next few weeks.

Here’s the video from the previous Hyundai Sonata Android Auto update.

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  1. I have also followed the directions and steps necessary to download the new software update on my 2016 Hyundai Sonata and I get an error message that says something about not having permission. I tried it on 3 or 4 different computers and had additional people try setting it up for me without success. I don’t understand what the issue is! Very irritating

  2. I have followed the steps necessary to download the car play software for my 2016 Tuscon [with nav} and it will not download. It states that I need permission from the software publisher. Even the Hyundai dealer couldn’t do it. Called Hyundai and they couldn’t help, they said it might be a corrupt SD card. I have come to the conclusion that this software will not work on my 2016 Tuscon. They said I might need to purchase a new a new SD card. At around $200 this is not an option for me. Why can’t Hyundai fix this problem?

  3. Why can’t I install this on my Genesis with the more expensive (bigger) navigation screen?! Are they coming out with an update for that one? Very disappointed if not.

  4. Why does My Hyundai give the update for the 2016 Tucson as an SD update using videos of the 2015 Tucson…. The 2016 Tucson does NOT have an SD card on the dash, it uses the cars USB port. Which is what it promts me for in the car when I click on update software.

    • It is our understanding that the head unit processor and software can’t handle the software. Automakers had to change their specs in order to accomodate AA and CarPlay.

    • Apparently the issues for hybrids include that the head unit also has car functions for hybrids, it is taking longer to program the hybrid cars.

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