AT&T Expands Connected Car Devices & Plans Wi-Fi Hotspots for Whole New Ride

zte-mobley-black-964x750AT&T has expanded its connected car offerings and plans. Kids are raving about Wi-Fi hotspots in the cars notes a new campaign that offers in-car Wi-Fi hotspots for as little as $10 a month from AT&T with a compatible plan.

Beginning this week, AT&T Unlimited Plan customers may add select connected cars or a ZTE Mobley vehicle Wi-Fi plug-in  to the plan for $40 each month for unlimited data[1]. Unlimited Plan customers also can get 1GB of data per month for $10 per connected car or ZTE Mobley[2]. Current connected car customers will continue to have the option of a stand-alone data plan or adding their car to their Mobile Share Value Plan. You can also get the ZTE Mobley without a contract for $99 or for free with a two-year contract

AT&T is showing a new connected car national digital advertising campaign, called “A Whole New Ride.” It is the first advertising campaign focused on the benefits of wireless connectivity in the car. The campaign shows the value of turning your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, told from a kid’s point of view. It will run on social media through July 5.

As of 1Q2016, AT&T had more than 8 million cars on the network and connected more than 50% of all new connected passenger vehicles in the U.S. wireless connectivity on the AT&T 4G LTE network. AT&T provides cellular data in certain Porsche 2017 Macan, Boxster and 911 models. AT&T signed a new multi-year agreement with Jaguar Land Rover to bring high-speed Internet to Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in North America.

[1] Req’s plan charge ($60/mo.) + $40 per month access charge each.  Also req’s elig. TV svc or AT&T will put you on 10 GB plan (Overage $15/GB) or your old plan (restr’s apply). After 22GB of data usage, AT&T may slow speeds. Coverage & svc. not avail. everywhere.  Add’l usage and other terms and restr’s apply.  See for details.

[2] Requires AT&T 1GB Car Plan. Overage charges of $15 per GB apply. Req’s AT&T Unlimited Plan on same account or AT&T will put you on the 1GB Data Connect for Cars plan for $20 per month (overage $10 per 1GB).

[3] 4G LTE not available everywhere.