ReachNow app BMW share service out of reach for cheap?

BMW Group announced the launch of ReachNow, a  premium car sharing service, in Seattle. The service allows MINI owners to rent out their cars when they are not in use and the ability to order a car with chauffeur. The daily use rate is capped at $110 a day.

ReachNow offers fast registration and approval process – in two minutes or less. At first, the fleet of 370 vehicles, will include the BMW i3, the BMW 3 Series and the MINI Cooper, will be located on the streets of Seattle for immediate use. The service will expand to include Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in the next quarter.

ReachNow selected Seattle as the pilot market because it is penchant for green mobility it is anked the third most electric vehicle-friendly city in the U.S. by ChargePoint

After downloading and registering on the ReachNow app, available in the App Store and on Google Play, members can locate and book the closest available car in the ReachNow app or find a ReachNow car on the street. Members can then return the car to any legal parking space on the street, including for free at meters and within residential permit zones in the Home Area.

Throughout 2016, ReachNow will offer

  • Delivery service for car sharing vehicles.
    A specific vehicle to be delivered at a desired time and location.
  • Vehicles on-hand at the airport. ReachNow vehicles will be available at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
  • Car sharing for longer rentals. Members will instantly and easily be able to extend the length of time with their vehicle through the ReachNow app.
  • Car sharing for residential and corporate groups.
    Reach Now offers exclusive onsite access to a full fleet of premium vehicles for employees or at residential complexes that can remain onsite.
  • Renting your own vehicle via ReachNow.
    ReachNow will offer a convenient booking platform that enables car owners to rent out their personal MINI vehicles to ReachNow when they don’t need access to it, thus helping to offset the cost of car ownership.
  • Chauffeur service – book a car with a driver. ReachNow will offer an option to book a car with a chauffeur for those not wishing to get behind the steering wheel.

ReachNow selected RideCell as its technology partner

All ReachNow vehicles are charged at a rate of $0.49 (cents) for each minute the vehicle is used, and $0.30 (cents) per minute while parked. The one-time lifetime registration fee is $39. For a limited time as part of an introductory offer, ReachNow will charge just $0.41 (cents) for each minute the vehicle is used and registration is completely free of charge.

All prices are inclusive of insurance, fuel, and parking at public meters on the street within the designated areas (Home Area) plus taxes and fees. ReachNow automatically caps pricing at three different tiers: $50 for up to 3 hours, $80 for up to 12 hours, and $110 for up to 24 hours.

BMW plans to expand the service to three more cities in 2016 – with the intention of servicing 10 North American cities.