NissanConnect EV (CarWings) LEAF Apps (iPhone/Android) Updated with Security Fixes

2013NissanLeafThe NissanConnect EV app for Android and iPhones that was hacked earlier this year, by using a VIN number only is back in the app store.Be sure that you are downloading NissanConnect EV, there is a separate app for NissanConnect.

The app looks more like the Web portal than previously. Functions include:

  • Check state of battery charge.
  • Start charging.
  • Check when battery charge will complete.
  • See estimated driving range.
  • Turn on or off the climate control system.
  • Show driving history, number of trips travel time, electricity consumption and CO2 savings.
  • Show energy economy for accleration, braking and vehicle accessory usage.

We tested the app and it appears to work fine, except for some delays which may be due the app being reinstated putting more pressure on the server. A few functions are getting the “The service cannot be provided. Please try it again or contact Nissan” message for route planning both on the Web portal and app. After a while, we were not getting the error message.

A Nissan spokesman Steve Yaeger sent this statement,

“The Nissan LEAF’s smartphone app service (NissanConnect EV) is now available and the updated version can be downloaded on both Apple and Android smartphones. Following intensive and thorough testing, the security issue identified has now been resolved, and the app has been validated by both internal and external experts. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank our customers for their patience while we resolved this issue.”

In February, researchers used a web browser to hack into Nissan controls that are available through the LEAF Nissan Connect app. The team was able to access the battery status, turn on heated seats, activate climate control and make VIN numbers until they found another owner’s LEAF VIN number.

nissanconnectnewNissan became aware of the situation and created this “fix.” When the hack became public Nissan shut down the app.  Nissan owners could still use the Web portal to access the remote features such as climate control, charging status and start charging.

LEAF owners received the following email message:

Dear Valued Nissan LEAF owner,

Nissan is pleased to announce that the updated NissanConnect EV app for both iPhone and Android are now available for download. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced during the recent app downtime. We encourage you to download or update the NissanConnect EV app now.

For those of you who have not taken advantage of the NissanConnect EV app to remotely pre-heat and pre-cool your Zero Emissions Nissan LEAF, check your estimated state of charge or start/stop charging, we encourage you to register on the Nissan Owner Portal, download the free app and take advantage of the features NissanConnect EV offers.

Because of owners like you, Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling 100% electric vehicle, with over 200,000 sold worldwide. Thank you for your LEAF ownership.

CO2Savingsco2safings2The good news is the breach didn’t affect one of the greatest benefits of driving a Nissan LEAF, zero emissions. So far, I personally have saved over a one and half tons of CO2 polluting the air.

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  1. Day 4, still foghting to get the car activated, apparently the leaf is too new to operate yet, not in system i presume

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