Merecedes-Benz BlueTEC Diesels may defeat air quality, DOJ investigates

bluetec_logoOn the heels of a Volkswagen rigging decision, the Department of Justice is investigating Daimler for manipulating BlueTec diesel models emissions tests and making inaccurate claims about its diesel vehicles.

Daimler is conducting an internal investigation regarding its certification process related to exhaust emissions in the United States upon the request of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).
A news release stated that Daimler is cooperating fully with the authorities. The company will consequently investigate possible indications of irregularities and of course take all necessary actions.
Daimler claims that “The class actions are considered to be without merit and Daimler will defend itself against them with all available legal means.

A class-action lawsuit filed by  Hagens Berman against Mercedes-Benz USA states the automaker knowingly programmed its BlueTEC vehicles to release illegal levels of emissions in virtually all real world driving conditions and likely contain a “defeat device” used to cheat emissions testing.

The Mercedes-Benz website claims, “Today’s BlueTEC models are simply the world’s most advanced diesels, with the ultra-low emissions, high fuel economy and responsive performance that makes them not merely available in all 50 states, but desirable. They also claim that the innovative liquid solution called AdBlue. when injected into the exhaust, converts the nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and oxygen.

Meanwhile low temperature testing at highway speeds of BlueTEC vehicles, produced emissions that were 8.1 to 19.7 times the highway emissions standard…and testing at low temperatures at variable speeds produced emissions as high as 30.8 times the standard.

The complaint accuses Mercedes of deceiving consumers with false representations of its BlueTEC vehicles, which it marketed as “earth-friendly.”

The lawsuit alleges that the Mercedes BlueTEC models ML320, ML350, GL 320, E320, SE350, R320, E Class, ML Class, R Class, S Class, GLK Class, GLE Class, Sprinter are affected by the unlawful, unfair, deceptive and otherwise defective emission controls utilized by Mercedes.

The suit states that the fact that Mercedes passed the dynamometer test in all testing done by European researchers, but failed the real world test – both in Europe and U.S. test results – is suggestive that like VW, Mercedes is implementing a “defeat device.” The suit seeks relief for those who purchased the affected vehicles.

They way diesel vehicles are tested in the United States has allowed Volkswagen to slip by regulators for years, the next question is how can the air be cleaned that was spewed into it for years?