TrueCar becomes more transparent to dealers with pledge

truecaraddTrueCar reports that it has changed its platform to improve transparency with its dealers. It added a new feature “Dealer Pledge.” The new deal is shown in a video from Chip Perry. Meanwhile we continue to see ads on the net that sell by saying  “save thousands off MSRP on your new car.

He went out to as many dealers as he could and listened to dealers. He says that the dealers are TrueCar’s true customers.

The enhancements are being made as part of a “Dealer Pledge” initiative announced today to the TrueCar Certified Dealer network to address concerns they have expressed over the past few years. ay our usefulness to consumers.”

Among the changes being made:

  • Local pricing information for vehicles is even more precise across TrueCar-­powered platforms.
  • Consumers now have the ability to obtain competitive pricing information, in the context of what others in their area have paid, for specific in-­stock cars and trucks that best match their search, rather than for generic vehicles.
  • Consumers will be presented with enhanced information on local dealerships that provides them with a broader view of benefits offered by dealers and enables dealers to compete on factors other than just vehicle pricing.
  • TrueCar has eliminated a page in the consumer experience that showed unnamed dealers with estimated pricing for a generic new vehicle.
  • In response to feedback received from some dealers, TrueCar is adjusting its data policies, billing model and billing practices.
  • The company is hiring over 100 additional Field Service Consultants to help dealers make better use of TrueCar’s data tools.

“Consumers want good pricing transparency and we are giving that to them in the most simple and elegant way among all the third-­party sites in the industry,” Perry said. “I believe these changes strongly enhance that transparency while also improving the value we provide to our dealer customers.”