Join FordPass get Spotify free with Appreciation Rewards?

FordpassspotifyFord is introducing FordPass a mobility experience platform that “aims to do for car owners what iTunes did for music fans.” Anyone can join even if you don’t own a Ford, by joining members get perks such as appreciation rewards, parking, payment options, guides and hubs. The latest member to offer appreciation rewards is Spotify.

Spotify is the newest FordPass Appreciation partner.  One focus of FordPass is to tap into the more than 900 hours annually that people spend on the move and provide for them the entertainment options they desire. In addition to music offerings from Spotify, FordPass also plans to partner with providers of news, sports, children’s programming, audiobooks and more.

The FordPass-Spotify partnership marks the latest link between the two companies. Spotify already is one of many apps that interacts with Ford SYNC AppLink. AppLink enables drivers to connect their vehicle and smartphone, and projects apps to the center console-mounted touch screen. Commands can be given via voice or touch.

In the future, members will be rewarded for doing little things, such as simply registering to become a member, booking parking or interacting with FordGuides. And by collaborating with affinity partners McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, BP, Spotify and others, FordPass can recognize members with access to merchandise and unique experiences.

FordPass is part of Ford Smart Mobility, the plan to take the company to the next level in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, and data and analytics.

A FordPass membership is complimentary for Ford vehicle owners and non-owners alike. The platform officially launches in April in the United States and Canada. Members of FordPass will benefit from four elements: Appreciation, which includes offerings from Spotify, as well as Marketplace, FordGuides and FordHubs.

All FordPass members will have access to the Marketplace of mobility services. Ford is working with ParkWhiz and Parkopedia to help people find and pay for parking more easily, and with FlightCar to help members borrow and share vehicles when they travel. In the future, services will include ride sharing and car sharing, multimodal transportation and more.

Members can pay for services through FordPay – a virtual wallet that is part of FordPass.

Ford owners can easily connect with their preferred dealer to schedule maintenance and service appointments or to review their Ford Credit vehicle finance account details. Members who own a Ford vehicle equipped with SYNC Connect, debuting on the 2017 Ford Escape this spring, can use FordPass to lock, unlock or locate their vehicle and schedule remote starts.

FordPass members can speak directly to trusted ale FordGuides at the touch of a button, free of charge.

FordPass also includes the opening of FordHubs, where consumers will be able to explore the company’s latest innovations, learn about its mobility services and experience exclusive events.The first of these urban storefronts opens later this year at Westfield World Trade Center in New York. It will be joined by FordHubs in San Francisco, London and Shanghai.

On-site FordGuides will help guests understand mobility options available in their cities, explore solutions for their mobility needs, view a real-time mobility map of their city, and experience special events, including new vehicle reveals.