Car buying angst can be avoided by new service with best cheapest prices

alioomThe car buying experience can be fraught with anxiety, remorse and utter disgust. Even with new car buying services such as TrueCar or the car buyer can never be sure if she/he has gotten a good deal. There is a new service that takes the worry out of car buying and can save car buyers as much as $4,000—called The service was founded by¬†Ali Omoomy who has over thirty years experience in the car sales business. He reveals some car buying errors that new car buyers should avoid.

Most people who do a little, or a lot, of research on pricing, walk into a dealership with entirely too much confidence – so says MyHopscotch CEO, Ali Omooomy.

“A print-out from Truecar’s website does not a savvy buyer make”, he explains. “Firstly, Truecar works with the dealerships’ input on creating price-quotes, but more importantly, unless you buy three cars before lunch every day, how can you expect to keep the pace of a car-salesperson who makes a career out of negotiating car sales?”

Classic Errors People Make When Purchasing A Car

1. Browsing: According to Omoomy, you need to know the “exact” car and its specifications “before” you set foot inside a dealership. Too many people browse while at a dealership and end up going home with the car that the salesperson wanted to sell them, and not the car they wanted to buy.

2. Not Getting A Decent Trade-In Value: In the heat of the moment consumers are eager to get into a new car, and out of their old one. As a result, too many people accept a low trade-in value. You need to see your trade-in as a separate deal. Get what the car is worth, not what they’re willing to pay you.

3. Same-Day Closing: There is no reason in the world to buy the car on the very first day you meet it. Impulse purchases account for dealerships’ highest profit-margins, and result in consumers making incredibly uninformed, emotionally-based decisions. It’s a no-no.

There are many more top habits consumers need to break when buying a car including

  • Agreeing to inflated monthly payments.
  • Negotiating a price based on affordability instead of value.
  • Not finding out the APR from the very beginning of the conversation.

About is a dedicated group of former automotive industry professionals led by one of the most accomplished car dealers in the country, Mr. Ali Omoomy. The goal of is simple: to level the car-buying playing field, by offering best in class expertise on the “the best way to buy a car” in an open and transparent way that puts the consumer in the best position to save thousands of dollars on their next car purchase.