OverDryve Dash Tablet offers Connected Car Features at an Economy Car Price

overdriveRand McNally introduced OverDryve, a seven-inch specialized aftermarket tablet that attaches to a car dash or clips on to the vent that brings connected car features It features streaming audio, back-up camera video, voice-guided navigation, collision warnings and video when dismounted. The portable gadget can upgrade any car for less than $400 and doesn’t require professional installation. For navigation and stored music it does not eat up cellular data.

OverDryve has maps on board and the smart mount has an extra GPS antenna that provides greater accuracy.

Users can download favorite music-streaming apps onto OverDryve and listen to the music you want using the audio system in your car. When it is connected to Wi-Fi it can access live weather, traffic, and fuel prices along your route.

Forward collision warning, gives warnings give  a spoken and visual warning. An optional digital backup camera installs easily and has virtually no lag time. Front and back cameras on the device are used for safety features. The front camera acts as a dash cam.

Smart Assistant, allows for hand-free calls and texts using the audio system in your car. Drivers can ask the Smart Assistant to call contacts by name. Smart Assistant will read  incoming texts out loud and ask to make a reply.

OverDryve was designed specifically for cars and light vehicles. OverDryve comes with a magnetic mount, making attaching and removing it easy. To keep safety at the forefront, some OverDryve features such as watching video are disabled while the device is on the mount and in driver mode.

It also has gauges, tire pressure monitoring(with added device), navigation, an FM radio and wired or wireless connections to the in-dash radios. The wireless connectivity is through an FM transmitter. There is also available roadside available roadside assistance and accident notification.

Celebrating its 160th anniversary this year, Rand McNally has undergone a transformation into a technology company in recent years. A major player in the commercial transportation markets – for 80 years – the company has leveraged its fast-growing telematics and fleet management expertise along with its award-winning commercial navigation to create a highly advanced, connected-car device that is affordable and can be used in any car or truck.

OverDryve is due in stores later this spring and is expected to retail at $399.