Hum gets less ho-hum with new teen tracking update almost as good as Zubie, Delphi, mojio ?

humVerizon announced that its hum speakerphone with ODD-II device will be updated with more features this month.

Families and their loved ones can use location-based features derived from geofencing technology, keeping them connected wherever the road may take them. New features include real-time monitoring of vehicle location, speed and activity. The company claims hum adds a layer of comfort, security and independence.

Teen monitoring can also be achieved using devices such as the Tech CARS Awar winner Zubie.  Zubie was beta tested by parents in the neighborhood near the chief product officer Navin Ganeshian. The neighborhood teens were not happy when they learned that their parents would receive weekly reports and text/email/push alerts when the Zubie device is removed. They did learn better driving habits when they knew they were being monitored.

In fact, teens who say their parents set rules and pay attention to their activities in a helpful, supportive way are half as likely to crash.

Zubie has become one of the most economical devices because it is $99 and includes a year of cellular data service. A new Zubie, Zubie II allows for mobile Wi-Fi hotspots as an add-on device through Verizon Wireles share plans. Zubie will eventually work with Amazon Alexa like mojio and Automatic do.

Another competing device is the Delphi Connect that recently added Wi-Fi hotspots and smartphone/remote door unlock or start if it is done through an electronic key fob.

hum costs $14.99 a month with a free device with a two-year contract. hum service includes emergency roadside assistance, vehicle health reports and vehicle locating.