Cadillac XT5 crossover with connected car tech: CarPlay, Android Auto, Surround Vision, video mirror, HUD, ADAS & Wi-Fi

cadillacxt The Cadillac XT5 luxury crossover the first model will be in showrooms in April with lots of ADAS and high-tech features including Wi-Fi hotspots and smartphone integration.

The first-ever 2017 Cadillac XT5 crossover will be available in four trim levels. The XT5 Platinum includes unique interior and exterior trim and materials and combines them with the highest technology features.

Cadillac technology features include Cadillac Cue with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.Cadillac CUE provides a suite of information and entertainment offerings like available Pandora Radio, enhanced 3D GPS navigation, and smartphone integration. The system allows you to access your contacts, music and information with just the touch or swipe of the screen. Activated by proximity sensors, Cadillac CUE comes to life when your hand is near, pulsing to let you know it is responding to your command. Cadillac CUE features are also easily accessible with voice-activated technology and steering wheel controls, so you can keep your attention on the road ahead.

The XT5 integrates a wireless charger for smartphones between the front seats. Like all Cadillac models in 2016, XT5 has 4G wireless connectivity, with a Wi-Fi hotspots.

The streaming video mirror improves field of vision by an estimated 300 percent, or roughly four times greater than a standard rearview mirror. It looks like a a convertible with the top down and eliminates any rear seat, rear pillar or passenger obstructions, allowing the driver an unimpeded view of the lanes behind and traditional blind-spots,. Thanks to a high dynamic range, the camera’s video feed reduces glare and allows a crisper image in low-light situations, versus a traditional glass electrochromatic, or auto-dimming, rearview mirror. The in-mirror display is an industry-leading 1280 by 240-pixel TFT-LCD display with 171 pixels per inch, combined with a HD camera designed specifically to enhance rear view lane width and maximize low-light situations. A water-shedding hydrophobic coating is applied to the camera to keep it clean to maintain visibility regardless of the driving conditions.cq5dam.web.1280.1280

Surround vision offers a new point of view. When in Drive or Reverse, available Surround Vision provides a bird’s-eye view of your vehicle and the areas immediately surrounding it. This view, projected on the Cadillac CUE screen, gives you a brand new perspective that helps to reduce blind spots and increase your awareness.

Active fuel management cuts out fuel when driving conditions require less fuel, the Active Fuel Management System temporarily turns off two of the engine’s cylinders, optimizing fuel efficiency. When conditions become more challenging, the system reactivates them again, delivering the power you need. And when the vehicle is stopped, Engine Stop/Start Technology automatically turns off the engine to reduce fuel consumption. When you’re ready to accelerate forward, the system automatically starts the engine again.

The full-color available Head Up Display projects driving and entertainment updates onto the windshield so you can stay informed without taking your eyes off the road. It’s also reconfigurable, so you can customize it to display the information that’s most relevant to youT

Pedestrian Collision Mitigation technology uses a camera to scan the road ahead for pedestrians. If one is detected, the system activates an alert and can engage automatic braking to help avoid collisions.

Available Side Blind Zone Alert monitors your blind spots. If a vehicle is in your path when you’re changing lanes, a light in the side mirror illuminates to alert you. The system also warns you when vehicles approach your blind spot at high speeds, helping you to avoid a collision.

Lane Departure Warning monitors the lines on the road. If you begin to drift into another lane without using your turn signal, the system, in conjunction with the Safety Alert Seat, sends a warning pulse through the seat cushion.

Cadillac XT5 offers seven exterior colors and seven distinct interior environments, and a broad range of luxury amenities and high-technology systems – including Cadillac’s award-winning, industry-first Rear Camera Mirror system on Platinum models.

XT5 pricing begins at $38,995; the highest level XT5 Platinum is priced from $62,500. All-wheel drive is optional on Luxury and Premium Luxury models, and is standard on Platinum.

The 2017 XT5 will be built at the Spring Hill, Tenn. assembly facility outside of Nashville.