The Top Best OBD-II Devices and Services

In 2015 there were new OBDII devices and services launched that are nominated for the Tech CARS Awards. The nominees have come to forefront for adding Wi-Fi hotspots, apps, roadside service, connections to Alexa and other features. When you are through reading about the services, you are welcome to vote for your favorite and other connected car people, devices and services.


zubieZubie was the first to respond to its nomination. This year, it added Verizon Wi-Fi hotspots as a shared device on Verizon Wireless plans. It supports up to 10 devices, so everyone riding in the car can watch their own movies, play games, post photos, work or whatever

Zubie is the most robust and unique telematics solution on the road today, offering a powerhouse combination of connected-car and in-car Wi-Fi capabilities.

Zubie monitors everything important related to a car’s driving performance. It lets the user know when something is wrong with the car, helps find the closest, cheapest gas station, connects to roadside assistance, monitors the car’s location from anywhere, gives an alert when a “learning” or teen driver goes too fast or slams on the brakes, and more.The Zubie Perks reward platform lets customers redeem valuable savings for items like auto insurance, tires, and extended warranties.

The new Zubie is:

  • Simple — Plugs it into the standard port under dashboard and begins working right away.  (works in most cars manufactured after 1996)
  • Affordable — Less than $100 for the device and a $10/month Verizon data plan add-on.
  • Robust — Accommodates up to 10 devices using America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network
  • Smart — Lets users enjoy all the latest connected-car features without buying a new car.

Zubie Supported Apps:

  • IFTTT -Connected Life.
  • coming soon: Amazon Echo-Automation.
  • -Safety Services.
  • Fleetio – Business.
  • Expensify – Expensing.
  • coming soon: Openbay – Repair & Maintenance.
  • coming soon: Spot Angels – Parking.
  • PEQ Automation

Verizon hum

humhum provides subscribers with a self-installed solution that helps predict potential issues, prevents breakdowns and offers protection when problems do arise. At the simple press of a button, drivers receive diagnostic information, pinpoint roadside assistance and live consultation with ASE-certified mechanics and emergency personnel on-demand. Geo-fencing and tracking are now availalbe.

hum is pwered by Verizon Telematics. Subscribers simply install hum through an onboard diagnostic (OBD) reader that is plugged into the vehicle’s OBD port, and a Bluetooth-enabled device that is clipped to the visor.

  • Pinpoint Roadside Assistance.
  • Incident Alert & Emergency Assistance .
  • Auto Health & Diagnostics.
  • Mechanic’s Hotline.
  • Parking & Meter Tools.
  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance.
  • Travel & Repair Discounts

Two year subscription plans start at $14.99 per month plus taxes, fees and equipment for the first vehicle (including the hardware, valued at $120) with the option to add other vehicles for less. Get $20 off on hum for a Smarter Safer Connected Car



Vinli (MSRP $199)went live in November. Vinli services include ecall/text notifications, maintence, roadside assitance, T-Mobile 4G LTE pay as-you-go data. Vinli has an open-sourced platform that allows developers to create new apps that improve the driving experience.

Apps include:

  • Dash: Tracks driving to provide personalized analytics for safety, savings, and social integration.
  • Beagle: Monitor whether your teen is speeding and create custom location zone alerts.
  • Lock and Key: Know where your car is in real-time. With the press of a button notify authorities if your car has been stolen.

Vinli recently announced Vinli Home Connect that brings compatible connected home platforms together into one interface with the connected car. The home devices know when the Vinli-connected car is close to turn-on the lights, A/C, heat, music or coffee pot. The company also makes the cloud-based smart dashboard Vinli Carport.


Update 12/11/2016 The mojio device is not longer being sold. Instead, mojio licenses its software to T-Mobile.

Mojio The 3G+GPS Mojio enables a suite of apps that make your car like your smartphone in order to empower and inform you as a driver.Mojio makes it possible for the cars of today to communicate with drivers and other smart devices in a more seamless way.

Mojio provides an expanding marketplace of apps and services. Mojio connects drivers with their vehicles at all times, making the services they depend on faster, seamless and more reliable.

Mojio Apps

Gauge is like having a car mechanic in your pocket. Simply plug your Mojio 3G+GPS device into your car’s OBD port, and Gauge unlocks diagnostic and maintenance data from under your hood to help you save money and keep your car in great shape.

Cloak is the key to monitoring your car’s location, even when you’re not in it. Whether you parked it in a strange neighborhood, handed the keys to the valet, or let your teenager go for a drive, Cloak always knows where your car is.

Carla gives you insight about your driving behaviour and makes it easy to expense trips with automated expense reporting. Carla also provides you with detailed car diagnostics, remote monitoring, and trip statistics.

Mojio and Amazon Echo make it possible to connect you with your car in a whole new way, even when you’re not in it. By harnessing the Mojio device’s always-on 3G+GPS connections, Alexa can answer questions about your car that help make everyday life more seamless.

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  1. These are all service/software companies and not OBDII device manufacturers. Danlaw Inc has the most devices on the road with over 3 million and holds the largest share in the world without ever being hacked and made in the US. It would be nice to see them and other true manufacturers compared.

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