Tesla S/X update limits self-driving & extends private self-valet parking

autosteerTesla Motors is the news again for self-driving restrictions and self-driving improvements.  Elon Musk is very optimistic predicting fully autonomous driving will be ready two to three years, while the Autopilot has been demoted to within 5 mph of the speed limit on surface streets. New “summoning” features have been added to Tesla software in update 7.1.

Tesla’s last OTA update to Autopilot caused so many problems that the company has updated to the software to limit use on highways and only at 5mph above the speed limit. Drivers were doing all kinds of crazy things like sitting in the back seat taking video or letting the Autopilot go crazy at high speeds on surface streets. However, many people including voters for the Tech CARS Awards are voting for the Tesla Autopilot Update as the most important new connected car technology of 2015.

In software update 7.1, a new function of self-parking for the  Model S  called Autopark and Summon have been added for use only on tight private garages and for movement into a garage and for backing into perpendicular spots with some warnings like it may run over a few things in your garage.

Autosteer is now prohibited on residential roads without a center divider. When Autosteer is engaged on a restricted road, Model S’s speed will be limited to the speed limit of the road plus an additional 5 mph. When entering such a restricted road, Model S will reduce its speed if necessary and will do so even if the driver increases the cruise control set speed.

Autosteer has been improved to keep Model S in its current lane when passing highway exits.

The Summon and Autpark are initiated from the key fob.

The driver stands within 10 feet of the spot, while the hazard lights are flash and presses the trunk button once on the key fob to drive Model S forward into the parking space or the trunk button once on the key fob to back Model S into the parking space. Model S will move up to 33 feet or until the sensors detect an obstacle, at which point parking is considered completed and Autopark will shift the car to Park.

The instructions warn that “You must stay in proximity to your vehicle and continually monitor and maintain control of it when using this feature. You should only use this feature on private property.”

Model S will automatically operate the garage door. When auto-open is enabled with the HomeLink features. Model S drivers can now see at a glance whether a Supercharger site is closed for maintenance