NVIDIA self-drives Volvo, DRIVE PX 2, Audi & Mercedes @CES

NVIDIAselfdrivingNVIDIA held a news confernce at CES and in a blog post claimed that “NVIDIA Accelerates Race to Autonomous Driving at CES.”

NVIDIA unveiled artificial intelligence technology that will let cars sense the world around them and pilot a safe route forward. NVIDIA introduced DRIVE PX 2, an automotive supercomputing platform that processes 24 trillion deep learning operations a second. That’s 10 times the performance of the first-generation DRIVE PX, now being used by more than 50 companies in the automotive world.The new DRIVE PX 2 delivers 8 teraflops of processing power. It has the processing power of 150 MacBook Pros.

Volvo will deploy DRIVE PX 2 in self-driving SUVs. Audi continues to work closely with NVIDIA, incorporating NVIDIA Tegra processors into its zFAS driver assistance control unit and MIB infotainment system.

NVIDIA’s deep learning starts with NVIDIA DIGITS, a supercomputer that can be used to train digital neural networks by exposing them to data collected during that time on the road. On the other end is DRIVE PX 2, which draws on this training to make inferences to enable the car to progress safely down the road. In the middle is NVIDIA DriveWorks, a suite of software tools, libraries and modules that accelerates development and testing of autonomous vehicles.

DriveWorks enables sensor calibration, acquisition of surround data, synchronization, recording and then processes streams of sensor data through a complex pipeline of algorithms running on all of the DRIVE PX 2’s specialized and general-purpose processors.

On display at CES was the Mercedes IAA that transforms depending on the speed of the vehicle, with its tail extending another 40 centimeters to give the slippery silver sedan an even sleeker shape when it’s cruising. Inside, the Mercedes IAA has an elegant digital dashboard powered by NVIDIA DRIVE CX, automotive cockpit computer.

NVIDIA is also working with HERE for automated driving using sensors from NVIDIA Drive PX.

NIVIDIA claims more than 10 million cars on the road today are powered by NVIDIA.