Last Day/Night to Vote for Best Connected Car Tech: Tech CARS Awards

VoteTechCARSAwardsnobackgroundtinyIt has been a great year for AUTO Connected Car News, we started off with coverage of CES and the most votes ever for the Tech CARS Awards celebrating excellence in the connected car industry for autonomous cars, overall most important events, expos, Bluetooth devices, most anticipated products, analyst/advocate, navigation, public relations and automotive apps.

Popular categories include the Edsel/Yugo for the biggest SNAFU, OBD-II devices/services and best deployment of ADAS. In some categories the votes are 2-5% apart and very close.

The voting software is set to stop taking votes at 11:45 PST tonight. In the meantime, you can vote throughout the day into the night.

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The best ADAS features can be found on the, Buick LaCrosse “Guardian Angel” Safety, Toyota Rav4 Safety Sense and VW Touareg new safety.

How to have Bluetooth (iPhone iOS 9/Android) connections in cars without built-in Bluetooth. The nominees include the JBL Trip, Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2 and iSimple ISBT52.

The top best connected car automotive cybersecurity products and services nominees are Argus Cyber Security, HARMAN, Security Innovation Aerolink and whiteCryption.

The top best connected car media/pr campaigns were for the Cars Mechanical Institute, Hyundai Virtual Assistant and AT&T Connected Car.

The top vest OBD-II devices and services include Zubie, Vinli, Mojio and HUM.

The most anticipated new aftermarket connected car products are Sober Steering, Carloudy, NAUTO and WayRay.

Analyst/advocate/personality nominees in the connected car space are Andy Gryc, Roger C. Lanctot and  John M. Simpson.

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Tech CARS Awards rules for nominees and winners.