Largest HUD wind shield screen with eye-tracking- eyes control screen icons

Seeing Machinesseeingmachines worked with Samsung to create a cockpit that demoed the world’s first OLED eye-tracking windscreen display with eye-tracking heads-up display interface. It showcases how eye movements looking at the screen can highlight icons for interactions with contacts, music and air conditioning/heat.

The goal is to minimize driver distraction by keeping eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Through the eye-tracking HUD the driver can access calling contacts, play music and climate control.

There are three features on the menu. The icons are highlighted when the driver looks at it. There are yes and no buttons on the steering wheel. The demonstrator driver looks at the icon for phone contacts and taps yes, then he scrolls through the different faces with his eyes to chose the person he would like call and taps yes on the steering wheel to initiate the call.

“This year we worked with Samsung to show an incredible demo that showcases an eye-tracking controlled heads-up display windscreen. This is another example on how committed Seeing Machines is to road safety not only to occupants but for all road users,” said Seeking Eye’s CEO Ken Kroeger.

Seeing Machines’ Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) technology features fully automatic functionality, operation in full sunlight, operation in low light and at night, completely invisible IR illumination, and support for multiple cameras

Seeing Machines’ makes real-time fatigue and distraction detection technology that helps prevent incidents before they happen. They are working with Takata for distribution to automakers. The technology is used in the trucking industry.