Autoliv to demo ADAS @CES

Product Car_2013At CES, Autoliv, will conduct real-life demonstrations of Active Safety applications such as its 3rdgeneration Night Vision solution – the world’s first ready system which can spot traffic hazards and living beings in complete darkness or fog.

The Night Vision system displays an image of the road scene ahead that headlights might not pick up. Using infrared technology the system analyzes the content of the scene while taking the vehicles’ motion into account. If a pedestrian is at risk of being hit, warnings are signaled with enough time for the driver to react. The system can detect pedestrians up to two times farther than the typical headlight range.

Autoliv will also demo just how the leading Stereo Vision system and its unique 3D processing can be utilized to handle unknown objects and the unexpected situations sometimes occurring in real life traffic situations.

Another product showcased during CES will be the state-of-the-art Automated Emergency Braking (AEB) system based on only a Mono Vision camera, which will be demoed using several NCAP standard scenarios. This in order to reveal how the camera system can handle real-life situations, e.g. driver inattention-related hazards, thus showing Autoliv’s competence in computer vision.

Autoliv will also demo other Human Machine Interaction safety technologies, e.g. using the zForce Intuitive Steering Wheel in combination with GPS path following technology, Electronic Horizon, to show how seamless transition between manual and automated driving can be handled in real life.

The CES audience will also get to see two radar system applications. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert & Braking (RCTA+), which utilizes 77GHz radar technology integrating both warnings and AEB e.g. when backing out of a parking spot into cross-traffic, as well as the 25GHz Radar Based AEB system, already in production and awarded a 5 star rating by EuroNCAP.