ZF TRW thinking/acting cars @CES

ZFTRWAt CES ZF will show its acceleration towards autonomous driving “Shaping the next decade of automated driving” after is acquisition of TRW. ZF will show a concept prototype of an electrically powered, cloud-connected Advanced Urban Vehicle that features partially automated functionality.

AF notes that automated driving requires more than just intelligent mechanics because the human may have to take back control, driver monitoring is critical  At CES, the company will demonstrate the multi-faceted interaction between human and machine, with innovative concepts in the area of human-machine interface (HMI).

ZF’s technology is already enabling vehicles to see, think, and act autonomously. ZF’s goal is to enable automated driving functions across all vehicle segments. Only through high market penetration can we make a real difference to overall road safety.

Active safety systems from ZF will enable automated functions in emergency situations such as automatic emergency braking or emergency steering maneuvers. The next step is geared toward highway driving, with partial and fully automated drive functions set to considerably increase safety and comfort. ZF’s long-term goal is to also increase safety in highly complex city traffic.

ZF believes that the initial potential of future urban mobility lies in intelligent networking, namely, interconnecting the chassis, driveline, and driver assist systems, as demonstrated in its ubran EV prototype. This prototype vehicle represents ZF’s new competencies following its acquisition of TRW.