Why some tricks fix Bluetooth issues from iOS 9.2 update with iPhone 5-5S-6-6S+ and cars

iOS92It seems like every time Apple issues an update to iOS 8-9.0-9.1-9.2, it creates the Bluetooth blues for car owners for Bluetooth connections for car owners. Apple released iOS 9.2 earlier this week and we are already getting reports of Bluetooth problems with the update. There is good news and bad news for iPhone owners with Bluetooth-enabled cars. We have been able to find some new tips and tricks to help those who can’t get Bluetooth to connect in their cars.

Update 9/06/2016 – On the eve of the iPhone 7 announcement, we warn against jumping the gun on updates your iPhone 5-6S+ when if first comes available due to possible Bluetooth issues.

Update 8/15/2016 – There continues to be Bluetooth issues reported in iOS 9.3.3 and 9.3.4.

Update 5/08/2016 – We discovered some new Bluetooth fixes for problems with iOS 9.3.1 and car infotainment systems.

Update 3/15/2016 – Bluetooth connection problems continued with iOS 9.2.1 Readers who have access to iOS 9.3 beta with Chevy vehicles note that the update does not correct Bluetooth issues.

There is some good news, a Mercedes-Benz owner reported that after the iOS 9.2 update, all her Mercedes’ Bluetooth issues were resolved with all functions  restored to pre-iOS 9.0.1 functionality. After the iOS 9.2 update, Siri no longer worked with a BMW or any Bluetooth device, it was fixed by turning off Siri and Google Voice search, then it worked.

There have been numerous glitches with iOS 9.2 have been reported so far:

  • After upgrading to iOS 9.2 overnight all of the playlists disappeared.
  • Lost calendar data.
  • Touch ID issues.
  • When the iPhone 5 is connected to USB in the car,  a song will play through the USB connection for maybe 1 second and automatically turn off.
  • iPhone 5 stopped dialing Google Calendar appointments over Bluetooth.
  • 2012 Mazda 3, iPhone 6 with updated iOS 9.2  does not find car Bluetooth while it is searching for Bluetooth.
  • Updated iPhone 6 to iOS 9.2., 2012 Dodge Journey’s Uconnect refuses to see the device, there is no Bluetooth phone connection or music player.
  • Since the latest update to 9.2, an iPhone 6S will connect via Bluetooth to a 2016 Kia Sorento, but the music will not play. The song shows up on the screen, but no sound comes out of the speaker. The owner has to delete the device off the car and iPhone and re-pair Bluetooth.
  • iPhone 6S and Bluetooth pairs to 2014 Subaru Forester but doesn’t remain connected. The owner has to reconnect with each car start. Music will cut off in the middle of songs all the time.
  • Bluetooth software does not work properly with a team car and constantly disconnects.
  • OS 9.2 update, when driving and connected via Bluetooth, “Facetime Audio” sounds bad, like Darth Vader.
  • 2015 Mazda phone connects for audio, music and Pandora. Other apps like Maps do not come through Bluetooth, the car tries to make a connection and disconnects.
  • When and iPhone is connected “Subaru BT” Bluetooth device, the driver can hear turn-by-turn directions. However, the iPhone will often automatically switch to a device called “Car Multimedia” that won’t access the maps and then the driver can’t hear directions through the car radio. The workaround is to force the phone to forget “Car Multimedia” and connect to “Subaru BT” which then gives  the option for HFP (Hands-Free Profile).

It appears in the first few days of the release of iOS 9.2 there are fewer reports of Bluetooth problems, however, the number of reports may be diminished by so many people going shopping and on vacation. For those who haven’t experienced Bluetooth connection problem with iOS updates, there are three major groups of fixes.

News Creative Fixes

These fixes come from our readers who have been very creative. One fix is the hands off the Handoff feature, just by turning off the HandOff feature some users have been able to connect iPhones to their cars, again. The other new fix is to use the car as “Bluetooth Headset”

  1. Disable Handoff on iPhone- Launch the Settings app from your Home screen ▸Tap General. ▸Tap Handoff & Suggested Apps ▸Toggle Handoff to Off.
  2. Change Bluetooth Settings– Go to General ▸ Accessibility Car Audio Routing ▸ Select “Bluetooth Headset” instead of the default Automatic.

One reader disabled the Handoff, changed the phone from Automatic to Bluetooth routing and did a network reset and the phone now works with the car.

The Nuke-it Fixes

These fixes remove all the settings from the car and the iPhone to start from scratch. Some have gone as far as disconnected the car battery to clear all the settings in the car, too.

1. Reset All Settings – Go to iPhone  Settings ▸ General  ▸ Reset  ▸ Reset all settings.

2. Unpair Phone and Car Infotainment System Rename Phone – Go to iPhone  Settings ▸  General ▸ About ▸ Name. Change the name of the iPhone and pair with the car infotainment system again.

3. Reset/Restore Network Settings: Restore all network settings of iOS 9.2  Go to Settings ▸ General ▸ Reset (at the bottom)▸ Reset Network settings. This method also deletes all Wi-Fi and other network settings!  If you reset you must re-add all your network settings in iOS.

4. Delete and Start All Over: Delete all Bluetooth devices. See full instructions.

Automaker Help or Software Updates

Sometimes contacting your car service provide or a telephone hotline for your automakers does help. Some automakers have released their own software updates.

There are many things that can wrong in an update, therefore, we suggest that first wait until you have the time and also be sure that you need the features in the update. Make sure that you backup your music and data before doing anything. We also suggest that allow plenty of time to pair your iPhone to car Bluetooth connection and play with the settings.

To download the update to iOS 9.2 go to ▸ Settings ▸ Tap General ▸ Tap Software Update. According to Apple’s website, “Devices updated to iOS 9.2 can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS.”

We have comments from readers that there are still Bluetooth problems reported with BMW, Audi, Acura, MINI, GM(Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick), Honda, Kia, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Lexus, Fiat, Hyundai, Chrysler, Acura, Mazda and more. The year and model of your car are very important.

If you have updated to iOS 9.0-9.2 for iPhone 5/5S/5c 6-6+ 6S/6S+ and it fixed or fried your Bluetooth connection or music streaming with your in-car infotainment system, please let us know in the comments below, be sure to note your make, model and year of your vehicle.We also welcome any solutions you have found worked with your car.

If you look at the official Apple iOS Update 9.2 list of improvements, Bluetooth is not listed anywhere. There are Apple Music improvements, a  new Top Stories section in News, Mail Drop, new iBooks features, support for the USB Camera Adapter, email POP account fixes and other minor improvements.

We have a newsletter dedicated to looking for Bluetooth fixes and in-car audio systems, you are welcome to subscribe to that newsletter, weekly news updates or email news when published.


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  1. I haven’t tried any of these solutions yet. I have a 2015 Subaru Forester Touring model. After the latest update on my iPhone 5C my Bluetooth quit working. Quite frustrating as I am driving a lot. Won’t use my phone unless I can do hands free. Hopefully something will work.

  2. I have BMW X5 2016. My phone is 6 plus s with iOS 10.3
    Audio is not streaming properly ( recently ) I can scroll but I can’t play
    I have to play on he phone
    When I recieve a call or make a call ( first one after I start the car) the call will switch to phone rather that bmw Bluetooth.

  3. I have a 2013 GMC Acadia. I can call out but cannot receive calls on my bluetooth. When I press accept, the call goes to private on my IPhone 6 which is usually in the bottom of my purse. Is there a fix for this?

  4. IPhone6 IOS 10.3 with Volvo 2016 XC60. Phone list disconnects constantly. Spotify disconnects constantly. Volvo says it is Apple’s problem.

  5. 2013 Kia Sorrento- Voice command does not work when wanting to make a phone call. I too did the update on my apple. There is currently a 10.2 available. Should I update?

  6. 2014 Mercedes CLA250: WHEN BLUETOOTH IS ON on my iPhone, the RADIO GOES SILENT UPON CONNECTING WITH IPHONE. WHEN BLUETOOTH IS TURNED OFF, RADIO AUDIO GOES ON. I tested this by turning bluetooth on and off on my iphone several times, same results. Seems to only happen when it’s cold, around 32 degrees. When this does happen and bluetooth is on (radio is silent), dialing out from iphone fails. I turn the car off for 5 minutes and restart. Dialing out worked, then suddenly, radio sound came on and stayed on. I wish I knew why is suddenly started working again.

  7. A 2009 Dodge RM 1500 Laramie. My U-Connect Alpine Stereo no longer sees my IPhone 5S through Bluetooth. Anyone have any advice? Apple and U-Connect were of no help whatsoever. HELP!

  8. I drive a 2012 terrain I have a iphone6s . Every since I did the iso 9.3.5 my Bluetooth in car is choppy and I can’t use it

  9. I have a 2015 VW Jetta. My iPhone 6s connects fine. But if I ask the car to call someone it doesn’t understand. I can ask Siri to and sometimes that will work. I was told it a problem with the voice recognition and blue tooth. I just don’t know how to fix it. Any ideas??

  10. 2016 Subaru Outback
    No contact images are appearing and when I use google, my car calls me. Anyone havin similar issues?

    • Yes – my Subaru Outback 2017 pairs, plays music receives calls, but no SMS text or email despite the fact that I have turn notifications on and the phone works properly. What an embarrassment for Subaru. They should just make a deal with Apple and Android and be done with this. I love my car, but hate its flawed bluetooth. This is a sales point that has backfired on them big time.

      • Problem with 2016 Camry. No problem with phone calls, contact list shows. No more texts reading or even showing up in Message Box. Major annoyance. Was fine till I updated iOS.

  11. I own a 2012 VW Jetta and have an Iphone 6s plus with 9.2.3 I can pair my phone and can connect with car via bluetooth. I can listen to music BUT cannot utilize the bluetooth speaker phone. It will make calls but all audio skips every second. Rendering it unuseable. Any help would be great. I thought it was my car but now realize it is likely the update.

  12. Well apparently like many others my phone/bluetooth connection is not working right in my 2013 Dodge Dart after updating my phone. My phone connects and will randomly play my music and the song it wants to but there is absolutely no sound with calls. I can hear it ring and answer it on screen but nothing more. I downloaded the newest update (9.3.2) on my Iphone 5S in hopes that would correct it but it’s the same. Any new information out there yet to try and fix this problem with my car/device.

  13. Any updates on why it is that when using the Google app on the iPhone 6S it shuts down your radio and the typing is heard through Bluetooth through the cars speakers?

  14. I have an i40 Tourer, since I upgrade my iPhone 6s to a new version, yesterday, my car its not working properly, I went to the Apple website and spoke to one of their adviser and explain my case, probably the upgrade they have done still with some issues to solve! Has anyone got any answer for my specific car, please, let me know! Thanks

  15. I have an Acura TL 2008. I use to be able to use my I phone thru my Bluetooth on my car. Now I’ m unable to connect my phone to my car. Apple was no help!!

  16. I think the problem is just with cars. I have an iPhone 4s with IOS 9.3 and a Microsoft Windows phone, and both have bluetooth issues in my 2015 Mazda 3 (phone and dialing work fine, but music audio is intermittent). However, neither have any problems with any other Bluetooth device (including a Bose Soundlink II which I use a lot!). My brother-in-law also has Bluetooth problems with his newer Ford Truck.

  17. I have a 2016 Lexus RX350. IOS update 9.3.1. If I use the Google app my phone turns on????
    Thank you.

  18. 2016 Mazda CX-5 – iPhone 6s ios 9.3.1. Mazda Connect Pandora will not connect to new iPhone. Worked perfectly with iPnone 5s. Anyone ever see this?

  19. Honda Odyssey 2014 and BMW 3 series 2014: with each IOS update, Honda’s integration fails more and more while BMW’s improves. In Honda, no longer able to select music, browse the contact directory or perform any other task than calling using the pre-stored shortcuts. A call to Honda informed me that no updates are available for the Odyssey. It seems that the phone you own will determine the level of integration available. Since cars are supposed to last on average 12 years and phones are becoming yearly throwaways, I expect that this situation will get worst as car manufacturers do not offer ongoing upgrade programs to maintain delivered (older) cars compatible with the latest phone software. And since where I live touching any physical device while driving is an offense (including an iPod), having true handsfree connectivity is paramount.

  20. Am trying to play music via a bluetooth from my iPod Nano to my 2016 Prius 2. The connection is made and I can launch a playlist from the Nano. The car’s audio screen shows the artist, album etc., but there are no playlist options on the car screen. The seek function does work so the car has some control over the Nano. Any ideas?

  21. Hi, I have a 2014 Seat Cupra. Since I updated my IPhone 6 to iOS 9.3.1 my Bluetooth connection keeps ‘dropping out’ approximately every 30 seconds. I have removed my device from the car and, reinstalled it. Unfortunately it has not solved the problem. Rob

  22. i have a 2012 Acura TL and have no problem connecting the blue tooth to my i phone but it cuts in and out. I have worked with Apple twice to no avail and Acura says there is no update.

    Anyone else with the same issues?

  23. Jeep Grand Cherokee (Limited but actually equipped like an Overland) – with iPhone 5s had no problems, after switching to iPhone 6s no pairing possible anymore. I already tried old tricks like disconnecting from iCloud, pairing and connecting to iCloud again, which worked for older iPhones, also resetting network settings, all to no avail. UConnect doesn’t see my iPhone and vice versa.

  24. Lexus RX 350 2016 Purchased today, iPhone 6 with latest IOS 9.2.1 when sending text, whether radio is on or off, it switches to iTunes music(media). IT guy at dealership did not have this problem with his iPhone connected to my car, do not know what version he had.

  25. AM I CONFUSED—-just found this forum. I am considering a 2016 Honda CRV or a Subaru Forester Premium 2016. I now have to figure out which one will support a iPhone 6!! Any ideas out there?? Thanks for all the comments. I never there was problems until i came across this site…..very interesting!

    • I own a 2014 HONDA ACCORD. No connectability issues with IPhone 5, however when I purchased IPhone 6s…..IT WILL NOT CONNECT TO BLUETOOTH!!!!!!!!!! Apple Care and HondaLink cannot resolve issues. I use a AUX audio cord and can place and receive calls, but must go thru each step whenever I start automobile. 9.3.1 is a complete nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bought 2016 Honda CR-V today. Phone connected, phone book selections transferred no problem, music-not happening/Siri stopped speaking to me. Anxious to try every fix you have listed here. iPhone 6+.
        Grateful for this forum!

    • It is obviously a problem with the updates because I had no problem with my iPhone 5s until I started doing the update 9.2.1. I just notice another update Available and am hoping it will fix all these problems us car users who have Bluetooth and uconnect etc out there. It is hard to stay hands free if your connection link is on the fritz. My advice is don’t buy the car until you link your phone and use it for an hour at least. Good luck!

  26. 2013 Subaru Impreza Sport — iPhone 6+ — Bluetooth and Siri worked fine with 9.1. and 9.2. Updating to 9.2.1 resulted in Siri not being able to find contact names or numbers and music from phone to “play” but with no sound. Did the unpair, network reset and even the whole factory reset. Nothing helped. So frustrated, I updated to the iOS 9.3 beta. That fixed the Siri problem, but music still has no sound.

    • I have a Forester 2015 and iphone 5s on 9.2. The sound randomly drops out when using over bluetooth. That includes Waze navigation on my phone which causes me to get lost. (I don’t like nav on the car.) The song playing still shows on the car screen, but there is no audio.
      I turn my phone completely off and then back on and re-pair. That usually helps.

  27. iPnone 6 Version 9.2.1 and 2013 Uconnect in Dodge lost its ability to download the phone book from the iPhone. When you attempt to perform a download on Uconnect to the iPhone, Uconnect says that function is not supported by the device (iPhone). There were no issues until I upgraded (HAH) to 9.2.1. Have tried multiple and many things, none of which have worked. Thanks Apple for the new deficiencies in your new IOS

  28. 2012 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson. iPhone 6s call history will not match up only shows numbers. But there not my friends numbers just random places I have called. No clue what to do

  29. My 2015 toyota corolla continually disconnects my blue tooth with my Iphone 6 music in the car. I am currently in a loaner 2015 toyota camry and the same thing happens, and today I was not able to reconnect my bluetooth at all…. It is so frustrating.

  30. Bluetooth connection to phone is working, but my 2011 Volvo XC70 only allows iPhone/iTunes connection via USB port (in order to play music). USB port seems to be fried – doesn’t charge phone anymore and doesn’t show that phone is even connected. Is this still an Apple issue or Volvo? I’m running iOS 9.2.1 on an iPhone 5S.

  31. BMW X5 2016 model. Worked perfectly with my iPhone 6+ on iOS 8 and 9.1. Since updating to iOS 9.2 I struggle to be able to inititate music via the BMW media controller in iDrive. If I press play on the phone the music will then play through the car speakers but that defeats the whole point of controlling music via iDrive in the first place. The only thing that sorts this is a hard-reset of the phone but that’s not usually possible when driving. Whole Apple/BMW experience has gone from A+ To C overnight and they seem to not care that much.

  32. I have a 2016 Honda Civic touring and an iPhone 6. When I try to change the audio source to “Bluetooth” the music quality is horrible. It skips throughout the entire song. If I plug in phone and use CarPlay, the music sounds perfect. Anyone find a fix for my Bluetooth problem??

  33. 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE – my entune premium navigation does not display text messages nor reading back to me since apple ios update to 9.2. I delete bluetooth device of my phone and vehicle audio system too. I add my toyota as new device but still no luck. Playing audio and receiving calls have no issues. I also checked show notifications option on my phone.

    • My 2016 highlander limited has a similar issue. Will only sometimes read text messages. I did not have problems with my 2014 but I updated my phone the day i got the new car so is it the car or the phone. UGH!

  34. 2013 Audi A6, iPhone 5S, iOS 9.2.1 — can make and receive phone calls, but cannot hear tone when text message or emails come through while vehicle turned on.

  35. Just upgraded my iPhone 6 to the new 9.2 and it is having a very hard time connecting to my new 2015 ram 1500. It connects at first and then something happens. most times is automatically disconnects a minute after I start my truck. Now it enables “shuffle” every time my truck is started. Once I go in and disconnect my phone through the setting and then turn off my bluetooth on my phone and reconnect it asks me if I want to pause the bluetooth audio to make a phone call?? duh… Everything worked fine before the update. I hope it’s not a ploy to get us all to only buy apple play vehicles..

    • Oh and Yes… It will play random music or youtube audio all the time…. this is crazy.. How do I get rid of the latest IOS update?

  36. Every since downloading 9.2 ios update on my iPhone 5s I lost my music playlists overnight. My Dodge Durango does not get along with my phone now. Can’t play music without touching my IPhone and when I do touch it, it doesn’t do what I want it to do. The vehicle stereo system will not control my iPhone like it used to either. It is so frustrating! I agree. Apple needs to be more diligent before launching updates. I will try some of the fixes listed here and hope for the best until Apple fixes these problems!

  37. updated to iOS 9.2.1 — the update disabled the bluetooth to infotainment with my 2015 328 bmw and forced to use the usb connection. while tethering is ok, it’s not ok to have very little control of the media on my iPhone while connected. i can only skip forward or backward for songs — can’t see the list of available music nor change it. have unpaired/repaired to no success. will have to try the rest of these mentioned above and see what happens.

  38. 2015 GMC Acadia – since the latest update my music on my phone plays at random times. After I hang up from a phone call, the music from my phone comes on rather than going back to the radio. If I’m sitting in my driveway and the email bings and I go to check it before heading out, as soon as I check it and then put the phone down, the music from my phone starts playing rather than the radio which was previously playing. Sometimes it happens while just driving down the street. It’s very, very annoying. I will follow some suggestions here and turn off Siri and see if that helps.

  39. I have a 2014 Dodge Durango with UConnect and a new 6s+ with iOS 9.2.1. BT audio streaming for podcasts and music is working fine. Problems occur on phone calls. They start out fine over the UConnect system but then mid-call BT disconnects and I have to go fishing around to put the phone on speaker so I can finish the call … not good while driving. Also, no longer reading text messages out loud.

  40. I bought a 2009 Jeep Liberty in September and my husband had Uconnect installed and turned on for me for Christmas. While we’ve successfully paired my iphone 6 (w/ ios 9.2) and been able to make calls (though with some challenges) and receive calls, as soon as my iphone’s Bluetooth pairs with the Jeep’s UConnect, the phone looses all other audio – whether hooked up to the Aux. cable or not. That leads me to believe the problem is with the phone, not UConnect. I’ve had to resort to just leaving Bluetooth off on the iphone so that I can hear ipods, turn-by-turn navigation, music, etc. Any advice on how to fix a phone that completely looses all audio (no sound comes through phone) when Bluetooth connects to a device?

    • I would check with who ever installed UConnect for you to see exactly what the specifications of your system are. Some systems knock out the Bluetooth phone functions when connected to the AUX cable for audio. Some systems stream audio via Bluetooth and some don’t. What made my life easier is that I put all my music on an USB drive and play music from the there and then there is no conflict with the phone. Also for a few months I left my iPod connected in the car and then the screen burned from the heat…that’s why I switched to USB.

  41. Updated my iPhone 6+ to iOS 9.2. Bluetooth connection to my Alpine CDE 147bt no longer functions. The phone ‘sees’ the head unit, but a connection can’t be made. I disconnected and performed ‘forget device’ from the phone and attempted to repair. Didn’t work. So, now I have no BT functionality in my car. thanks Apple!

  42. 2015 Chevy Equinox- Chevy updated their radio software on our car per GM and now IPhone 6 and 6s 9.2 IOS Bluetooth does not work correctly at all. Phone and infotainment worked fine before the GM update. Cant believe another issue!!

  43. Hi, I have an iPhone 6 Plus with a 2010 Renault Grand Scenic III. Bluetooth was always great with no issues up until 9.2 release. There is an issue now where changing to the next track it misses a split second of the start of the song and 9 times out of 10 there is a sort of popping / clicking noise when changing track. Very frustrating and never used to happen. Cant seem to find any fix for it.

  44. I have a 2015 GMC Terrain
    And since iPhone 9.2 release I make or receive phone call and it immediately goes to music or pause or just shows arrows.
    Also as a passenger if I use the apps/games it puts the sound on the Bluetooth thru the radio and the screen reads pause,
    I call apple and they know nothing of my complaint and have no solutions. I go to my GMC dealership and they say they have about 20 complaints and say it is an apple issue.
    I’ve read your site for help and have tried the examples given nothing helps
    Does anyone have this problem on Terrain?

    • I have the same issue…no idea how to correct it though. I am going to try to delete the bluetooth connection to my Terrain and start over to see if that fixes it.

    • I have read other forums where people are saying to turn Siri off completely on your phone and this should fix the issue (until Apple fixes the issue on their end with another update). I am going to try and will try to report back if that works…

    • Same issue. I got it to stop once, but them a day or two later, same issue back again. I can’t stand it anymore. May need to think about a new phone that is not Apple.

    • I also have a 2015 Terrain. Since the update, when I am in the vehicle & seem to do anything with my iPhone, the radio will just randomly go to Bluetooth and play something out of my iTunes. Super annoying.

    • I have a 2016 Buick Enclave and an iPhone 6s. Every time a call comes in or goes out while I’m listening to XMradio, the audio defaults to my iPhone music. I want it to revert back to where I was. Any ideas?

  45. 2015 Chevy Tahoe, pairs fine no issue but after update every time you take a phone call and then hang up it defaults back to phones Bluetooth audio. Also when you are on a call it switches over to Bluetooth audio as every time an email comes in it dings over the car speakers. Incredibly annoying. Had no issues before upgrade to 9.2

    • 2015 Tahoe as well – had the same issue but the 9.3 pushed out this morning seems to have fixed it. The work around is to turn Siri off. The one thing still not working is I have NO text notification while in the car. Totally defeats the purpose of hands free:(

  46. IPhone 5C upgraded to IOS 9.2 phone connects via Bluetooth but no sound, siri give a blank screen tried unpairing/ repairing – still does not work. Car is Hyundai I30 2013 model

  47. On my 2015 Subaru Forester, the problem occurs when I attach a charging cable to the USB port under the armrest. A few seconds after I attach the cable, iTunes stops playing through my iPhone 6s’ speakers. This also happens with my iPad. Bluetooth has nothing to do with this problem. The charging cable worked great in iOS 9.1.

  48. I have a 2013 honda accord and Iphone 5s updated to 9.2. Pairing works, call history shows up, phonebook shows up, music plays from pandora and amazon music BUT…. I can not make or receive calls. It seems to work but all I hear is a pecking noise instead of voices. I have tried unpairing and then pair again. I have renamed my phone. nothing so far. Any advise?

    • Same thing happening with 2013 Toyota Camry. Phone connects but can’t hear anything as the audio keeps cutting in and out. Sounds totally garbled and unintelligible. iPhone 6s and newest update 9.3.2

  49. Hot mess with 9.2 iOS upgrade. I have a Toyota Highlander 2015. Went to Toyota and got the software upgrade but Bluetooth is still not working. Connects most times if you turn the car off and back on but will not stay connected. Cuts the connection with the person you are speaking with instead of flipping over to the phones speaker. It is dangerous and Apple should not have done this release without testing it. I am disappointed bc I have had a ticket with apple for over a week. They have acknowledged the issue but have no fix yet!!!! Again my biggest issue is that the doc from Toyota was to go buy a droid phone and get rid of my iPhone bc the software is proprietary. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  50. VW PASSAT 3C5 2010 and iPhone5S 9.2 does not want to be friends. Tried all trick which is written in these articles, phone Bluetooth does not finding anything, but car’s bluetooth finding my phone, just when trying to connect writing that phone is not imcompatable. Please help.

  51. So there’s an issue with Toyota Touch 2 & Go and iOS 9.2 – it pairs quite fast, yet the internet connection is not possible to establish. Strange thing is that it’s not permanent – sometimes out of the blue the car’s system connects to the web through my iPhone spontaneously and disconnects by itself, but every time I would like to connect on my own it says “Connection failed”. Whenever I notice there is an active connection initiated by the car’s system I’m able to use the internet as much as I want. And only then.

  52. The “turn off hand-off” and change to “Bluetooth Headset” worked for me in my 2016 BMW X3; iPhone 6+ with iOS 9.2. I did not have to reset my network settings. Thanks to person who came up with the fix.

  53. 2014 Camaro…trying to get the Bluetooth to show my messages on the my link screen. I watched a video that told me to go to settings and pair it with the Bluetooth then restart the car. I hear the phone go off in my car but it will not show my messages on the screen. I have the IPhone 6 Plus. Help!

    • For the Camaro – iphone doesn’t allow it show texts from what I was told by an apple tech. However; the androids will if you accept all of the pop ups.

      • Go to Bluetooth and click the I…
      • Click the show notifications…
      • Turn your vehicle off.
      • Wait a sec for the connection to drop.
      • Restart the vehicle.
      • You should have messages after that….
      • Can’t reply to them though, just listen.
  54. 2013 Honda Civic LX, once connected the car automatically opens Pandora even if the app is closed. While attempting to play music downloaded on the iPhone, the music will play for 10 seconds, disconnect and reattempt to open Pandora. Have to manually open Pandora via phone and manually close it. Once Pandora is closed, the car will play through iTunes’ music but the car refuses to allow shuffling. If shuffle is turned on, the car will forcibly turn off shuffle or the music will stop completely and the notification on the car screen for the iPhone being unsupportable.

  55. 2015 Kia Optima, connects sporadically through Bluetooth and is fine playing music until you use the steering wheel controls to change the music. Might let you change it 10 times, might let you change it once.
    Also having an issue w/my alarm not making sound, only vibrating and the other night my phone rang and it sounded like it was stuck. It wasn’t ringing really, just making the same tone repeatedly. Pretty annoying Apple.

    • Jericho, are you still having that issue? I have a 2016 Sorento and have had the exact same problem since downloading ios9! Everything else works fine, but using the steering wheel control to change songs is what kills it. (And once it disconnects, I have to shut the phone off to reconnect.) I can change the songs directly on the IPhone, but that’s not ideal. I updated to 9.2.1 recently hoping that would help, but no luck!? Have you tried asking Kia?

    • Also have 2015 Optima and iOS 9.2.1. iPhone will play one song then audio dies. Doesn’t matter if I skip to the next song using the steering wheel or if the current song ends and it moves forward. Can still make calls but music is nuked until I reset the phone, even if I turn off Bluetooth and plug in headphones.

      • 2015 Sorento and iPhone 5s 9.2.1 – my audio dies when it gets to the end of a track. no way to get audio back on the phone except to reboot the phone. it happens on both my iPhone 5s. Driving me crazy!

  56. 2016 Cadillac Escalade since 9.2 update won’t disconnect after call ends. Just freezes the bluetooth system and phone
    Hard reset every time to correct!!

    • Eric, I have a 2015 Escalade and every time I hang up a call the radio does not come back on or it begins to play the music off of my phone vs. the radio. do you have this issue?

  57. Greetings,
    Since the last IOS update I lost quite few contacts. Then I found them if I want to send a photo.
    Weird. I re-entered a contact from that area, and it still did not go into my Contacts list.
    Help? Issues with my 2014 Toyota, no messaging at all. Calls come in, and go out. I thought maybe APPLE doesn’t want us texting while driving. It would be voice command.
    I am getting right now, to upgrade to the most recent IOS. I’m afraid to.


  58. Nothing has changed with my basic problem on a 2014 Honda Civic (two different models). The radio on my current one is made by mitsubishi. My problem is not connectivity. I get into the car, blue tooth hand shake occurs fine, but then the radio in concert with the phone decides ON ITS OWN ACCORD (sic) to start some track in my iTunes library. Okay, so you think it’s a minor annoyance, press pause, and that’s that. But it doesn’t work that way. As soon as ANY other app, Apple or 3rd party “talks” through the bluetooth system, and has finished its job e.g. maps, siri or whatever, the damned thing disables the pause on my iTunes and continues. I never chose the track, and i never decided I wanted to listen to something on iTunes, but somewhere somehow it’s decided (and I imagine it’s not just the initialisation of the handshake) that the next thing to do since I’m connected via blue tooth is to turn on iTunes. The “logic” probably is, if I would switch to FM it would start playing that track. They probably used that logic and said if he switches to bluetooth then he wants to listen to music. That assumption is false. What if I want to interact on a drive only with the maps app when I WANT to. Then that’s the only time bluetooth in the car should be working. I imagine that someone has assumed that the setting
    “work through bluetooth” is equivalent to “turn on iTunes” as above. This is false with a blue tooth device is annoying me no end. I don’t know if Android phones would work the same way on my car, but I think I will get someone to try it. If they do NOT, then the fault lies with Apple. If they DO then the fault lies with the car manufacturers bluetooth code. I have done all the resets in the world but I don’t think they help because this is the basic assumption which gives me absolute annoyance. I CAN’T be the only one experiencing this. My wife’s Honda CRV does the same thing. Tell me you have this problem too? Even better tell me you solved it some way. I showed the Honda Dealer, and he send something to Honda. I believe Mitsubishi makes the radios, but they are with Honda specs and assumptions. The assumption is simply WRONG. Turning on bluetooth is not the same as turning on FM or AM or whatever. It is a conduit for varied communication and the protocol needs to protect it.

    • Hi, can you select Bluetooth in settings and forget the devices.
      Then Change Bluetooth Settings– Go to General ▸ Accessibility ▸Car Audio Routing ▸ Select “Bluetooth Headset” instead of the default Automatic.
      Now pair again and try.
      Pretty sure there is a bug in automatic.

    • HONDALINK and APPLECARE have no solutions as of 4/14/16!!!!!!!!!!!! I do think the problem is Apple software and have become very angry that no solution has been discovered.

      • Hello J Cox! I called applecare too and they don’t know what’s the problem yet, but is good to know that some other made a complain like myself! Good luck for us!

      • Similar problem with 13 civic and every type of apple device. None of them will maintain a connection. It has been happening since I bought the car with a 5,6,6S,iPad

        I’ll try the automatic routing thing later but every other thing has been tried. There’s also a 3 second audio delay that someone found a bug in the Bluetooth chip. Visteon makes it and there’s a bunch of tweets and threads out there.

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