Most regrettable new car feature failures

BMW4Consumer Reports published their list of the most regrettable cars from customer surveys and now Swapalease reports what car failed features make people swap out or return their new leased cars. Many popular and expensive car models are re-leased because of features that don’t work as expected or problems with battery distances for EVs and plug-in hybrids.

Poor handing in the snow, iced BMW x-drive drivers to steer away from the model. (Note: Swapalease shows the most swaps wanted for BMW models).

The poor parking of the driver assist parking on the Ford Tarus re-parks the cars to new driveways.

The seating that hurts peoples backs, makes them want to back out of their BMW 4 Series (leases cost around $900 a month) leases.

Adaptive cruise control that did not adapt to real driving situations prompted most model Cadillac lessees to leave.

Not being able to charge their EV when away from home lead the charge for returns of Nissan LEAFs.

Charged batteries distances that were less than expected caused re-volts for the Chevy Volt.

When problems with features on cars makes owners want to get out their leases, it tarnishes the brand.

Swapalease allows lessees to transfer their leases to others who takeover the lease.

EVs are often leased because the incentives are included in the lease price. Leasing eliminates any anxiety a driver may have about what the car will be worth in the used car market as well as longevity of the EV batteries.