Mojio discount to help pair mo’ with Alexa over the holidays

mojioechoMojio has announced a holiday special price drop to $99 for the Mojio device on Amazon that includes one year of cellular service through AT&T to promote the its partnership with Amazon Echo. Now Alexa can pair up with Mojio to tell you all about what Mojio knows about your car. This holiday may be merrier if you ask Alexa about your car, rather than friends or family members….

The Amazon Echo is the number one best seller in home automation on Amazon and also one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. It’s a speaker than can stream music as well as listen to you and answer questions.

The Mojio Skills works from within the Alexa app. The owner of Mojio can ask Alexa questions about the his/her Mojioed car. When near the Alexa the owners says, “Alexa, ask Mojio to locate my car.”

Alexa will answer and tell the status whether it driving or parked)and current location of the car, including the street address.

When a car is located far from the driver in a garage say “Alexa, ask Mojio how much gas I have?”

Alexa will give the fuel status of the vehicle, including the percentage of gas left in the fuel tank.

For those who need to remember where they last traveled say “Alexa, ask Mojio to tell me about my last trip.”

Alexa will respond with information about the last trip information, including the total distance traveled.

In the original announcement about the Alexa Skills Kit state it enables customers to use Echo or other Alexa-enabled devices to ask “Alexa, where is my daughter driving the car this evening?” giving them the peace of mind that the car is healthy and the kids are safe.

Available in the Apple App Store are Gauge and Cloak that also work with Android, iOS devices, and with Apple watch extensions. Gauge diagnoses car problems and alerts the driver. Therefore you could ask, “Alexa is there anything wrong with my car?” Cloak locates the car. Mojio works with, on-demand Roadside Assistance. Then maybe you ask Alexa to call a tow truck if you get stuck in the snow.

  1. Download and sign in to the Amazon Alexa app (iOS, Android and FireOS). You can also complete the setup via the Amazon Alexa web app.
  2. In the menu go to Skills and search for Mojio
  3. Read about the Mojio Skill and click “Enable Skill” to add it to your account
  4. The Enable Skill button will take you to a Mojio authorization screen. You will need to sign in to your Mojio account to pair Mojio with Alexa.
  5. That’s it! Now you’re connected, and ready to ask Alexa questions about your car.

We did see some Black Friday price drops for other OBD-II adapters

  • Automatic Connected Car Adapter went down to $79.95 and is back up to $99 it does not include cellular and works only with Bluetooth but does no work with the Amazon Echo.
  • Zubie (69.95)  Zubie monitors everything important related to a car’s driving performance. It lets the user know when something is wrong with the car, helps find the closest, cheapest gas station, connects to roadside assistance, monitors the car’s location from anywhere, gives an alert when a “learning” or teen driver goes too fast or slams on the brakes, and more.The Zubie Perks reward platform lets customers redeem valuable savings for items like auto insurance, tires, and extended warranties. Purchase includes a year of service.
  • MotoSafety MPVAS1 ($35.37 56% off) is a teen safety GPS Vehicle Tracking System & OBDII device. MOTOsafety empowers parents to coach their children to be safer drivers. MOTOsafety provides valuable resources to help parents through all the challenging conversations with their teen with their partnerships with National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and National Safety Council (NSC). There is an additional monthly service fee.