Hyundai Mobis mobilizes connected car tech @CES

hyundaimobisHyundai Mobis connected car technology exhibits at CES will be on two floors on demonstrating the present and the other the future.

The future innovative technology exhibition room on the first floor will show autonomous driving technology, the intelligent cockpit and future vehicular communication technology.

At ‘DAS Car’, spectators can directly experience how the seven different DAS (Driving Assistance System) technologies.

The ‘i-Cockpit Car’ is the experiential cockpit of an autonomous driving car that simulates partial autonomous driving. Visitors can experience how the future autonomous driving car will function inside.

The ‘Connected Zone’ will show how a car communicates with the road infrastructure or other cars through animation on kiosks.

Hyundai MOBIS will  show 8 Body Control & DAS products, such as 2M-pixel automotive camera and AVM, 4 multimedia products such as ICS and D-Audio, and 2 advanced lamp products.

Hyundai MOBIS is planning to station the local employees of its North American Research Center next to each exhibit to help officials from global automakers and spectators at CES better understand the exhibits. They will provide professional explanations about electronic technologies ranging from general descriptions to detailed product specifications to help improve their understanding of technologies.

Kia Motors will be having a press conference to introduce its autonomous driving program at CES also.

MOBIS is a mixed word using mobile and system, where mobile means automobile in English-speaking countries and System means the unity of complex machines. The word implies a specialized auto parts company that makes part systems for automobiles.