HERE will be there @CES with HD Live Maps, Smart Guidance, 3D Indoor Mapping & AR

CES-Banners_Final_2HERE that is now owned by automakers will be showing there latest mapping and real-time traffic technology at CES in the Central Plaza.

HERE will show its HD Live Map. Also known as the “virtual infrastructure” for autonomous vehicle technology, the HD live map is updated in real-time and based on mass volumes of sensor data, allowing it to serve as the hub for all vehicle communications and information.

The company will demo their City of the Future with a 3D map that demonstrates how HERE’s assets (a combination of maps, sensor information, historical data and cloud computing power) will shape the development of smart cities.

They will also showcase Smart Guidance systems in Jaguar and Volvo XC90 with HERE’s in-car technology that understands driver patterns and behaviors to make travel more efficient.

heremappingappsFor the developers among you who want the power of HERE maps in apps, HERE updated its mobile SDK with advanced tools such as 3D indoor maps and LiveSight augmented reality. HERE also offers enterprise specific features like truck attributes and geofencing for fleet management needs.

HERE and SBD to encourage a better understanding of connected car customers and what they want published a white paper  to introduce connected car theories before CES.

In the whitepaper, “Drivers decide who wins the connected car race” shows the  consumer segmentation. The attitudes of a consumer are often times the most accurate predictor of future behavior.

The HERE-SBD whitepaper provides  insights into mobility preferences and behavior, defining six consumer segments in two main categories—affection for cars and driving, and affection for technology.

There are interesting facts and theories from the study:

  • By 2020, based on SBD estimates, more than 34% of cars globally will have built-in connectivity to the Internet.
  • In the U.S. the average new car buyer is close to 52 years of age, however automakers need to attract the next generation of car shoppers who grew up with connected and smart devices.
  • In the digital age to own, rent, lease or use a car is undergoing a dramatic change.
  • Consumers are spoiled by high end consumer technology and expect technology to be simple, seamless and safe.
  • The desire to own a car has strong roots in status – the car is an expression of its owner’s self-image and aspirations.
  • Connected cars are not the same as connected people.
  • Carmakers have the opportunity to deepen their relationships with existing and potential customers through seamlessly integrated digital services.
The paper notes there is a need for the automotive industry to acknowledge:
  • The growing number of transportation options available to consumers.
  • Increase the deployment of relevant, real-time information to drivers.
  • Strengthen the feedback loop between consumers and automakers to ensure the ‘connected driver’ is front of mind before, during, and after the vehicle sale.

The whitepaper can be downloaded here.