Bosch @CES shows future of connected cars – new dash, real-feel touchscreen, auto-parking, alerts, pilots and more

boschtouchBosch will be demonstrating many connected and assistance systems at CES, which the company calls a glimpse into the car of the future. They claim visitors will experience new kinds of interaction between humans and technology.

In the car of the future, the dashboard and central console have been transformed into an electronic display. The information shown on this giant display changes depending on the vehicle’s current surroundings. If a pedestrian approaches from the right, a lighting sequence is triggered to alert the driver. To minimize distraction only the right information is shown when needed.

BoschinteriorDrivers’ preferences as well as calendar are actualized. When an appointment is cancelled, the car of the future will automatically indicate the route to the next appointment. Drivers will be able to activate the autopilot to free up even more time and make their journey more relaxed.

The connected car of the future will also monitor household functions such as heating or security systems to be operated at any time. If UPS is delivering a package the driver gets a notification. The door opens, the package is sensed and the door is locked after deliver.

Connected infotainment will let drivers access online services and smartphone apps that they will be able to control it using gestures and speech, just as if they were talking with a passenger. This will turn the car into the driver’s truly personal assistant.

A touchscreen that feels like it has real buttons
Bosch received a CES 2016 Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category for a new touchscreen. This device can generate different surface textures, allowing elements to be felt on the display.

Instead of looking at the controls the driver can feel the different controls. The screen generates the feel of rough, smooth, and patterned surfaces to indicate different buttons and functions; to make a selection, a button needs to be pressed more firmly. It looks like a touchscreen but feels like hard buttons.

Wrong Drivers Watch-Out

Bosch is currently developing a new cloud-based wrong-way driver alert that will let drivers know of any danger just ten seconds after it arises. At the same time, nearby cars traveling in the opposite direction are alerted to the danger. Starting in 2016, the new function will be available as a cloud service.

The highway pilot will increase road safety from 2020
At CES 2016, Bosch will be showcasing the systems and sensors necessary for automated journeys in another demo vehicle at the Sands Expo.

Highway pilot is  highly automated system that assumes all the driver’s tasks and responsibilities on freeways. This technology is already being tested on public roads. Bosch is testing automated driving on freeways not only in Germany and the United States but now also in Japan.

In the future, cars will also be able to see around bends and be aware of possible danger spots using of real-time information from the internet on the location of traffic jams, construction sites, and accidents.

1-BBM-21856Let car do the valet parking
Bosch is developing automated valet parking it finds the parking space in some garages enables cars to park themselves. Drivers leave the car at the entrance to the parking garage. Using a smartphone app, they then instruct their car to find a space for itself. When ready to leave the let they app know they are ready and the car is retrieved.

Fully automated parking relies on smart infrastructure in parking garages plus the vehicle’s on-board sensor systems – and connectivity for both. Sensors in the pavement provide up-to-date information on where free parking spaces are located, so cars know where to go. Bosch is developing not only the fully automated parking function but also all the necessary components in-house.