Connected Nissan LEAF with ESP looks like a pregnant Tesla with digital signage

headupsdisplaywindshieldNissan debuted an electric self-driving car, the IDS Concept, it’s a LEAF that looks like a pregnant Tesla with digital signs at the Tokyo Motor show. The IDS Nissan has artificial intelligence for self-driving, ESP like communications with the driver, zero-emissions and double the battery range of the current LEAF (videos follow).

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn at a press conference said “Nissan is a technology power house.”

Before leaving, the driver can communicate via the cloud to the vehicle. Through the cloud the car is called from the garage and comes to front of the house to pick up the driver, it recognizes the driver and shows  the text “Good Morning Hiro” on the windshield.

goodmorningThe IDS also shows the word “stopping” on the windshield and warns a bicyclist with lights. It tells the pedestrian “After you” to allow her to cross the cross walk. The lights along the sides indicate that the car is aware of pedestrian.

When the driver selects Piloted Drive, the driving style imitates the driver’s own style of driving. The interior changes if the driver chooses Piloted Drive or Manual Drive. When self-driving the steering wheel which looks more like a video gaming controller recesses into the dash, a large digital screen emerges from the dash, the seats angle in for better conversations. The digital screen can show friends’ social media feeds and appointments for the day or the latest photos from a trip to the country.

nissan-ids-conceptWhen IDS estimates that people haven’t eaten recently, it suggests restaurants.

This supped-up LEAF gets charged directly from the wireless charging lane. When Hiro drives his lovely lady to the night club it says “Ready when you are.”

Because it is an EV, the designer could shorten the hood to make more room for the passengers.  Also there is a head-up display on the windshield shows lines to help the driver drive manually.

Nissan promises that the price will be accessible and affordable. Nissan hopes to have zero emissions and zero fatalities in the future.

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