Survey sez connected car software developers think cybersecurity is difficult

seucritypriorotyA recently released survey by Ponemon Institute, the leading independent security research organization, shows that automotive developers don’t have what they need and often overwhelmed when it comes to building security into their software. The cybersecurity survey, sponsored by Rogue Wave Software and Security Innovation, polled over 500 automotive developers, engineers, and executives from automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. The findings were not very reassuring, especially since estimates are that 60-70% of vehicle recalls are due to software glitches.

A full 90% of developers think that it is difficult to secure automotive applications. While over half (51%) consider security an add-on feature, rather than integrating it into the software development lifecycle

Developers are not familiar enough with their company’s program to secure software
for automobiles. They do not believe their companies are taking security seriously enough, or
empowering them to make software more secure. Developers want – but do not have – the skills necessary to combat software security threats and they do not feel they are properly trained. Security is not built into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) in the automotive industry. Enabling technologies are not being provided to developers so they can build security into their processes.

Both Rogue Wave and Security Innovation are increasing investment in automotive security products and services to inform, educate, and improve the software that runs in cars. Detailed survey findings are being shared with the extended development community to stimulate an industry-wide conversation. Read report. Join the webinar on November 12, 2015. Larry Ponemon from Ponemon Institute along with representatives from Security Innovation and Rogue Wave will discuss the findings and the challenges facing automakers on the journey toward automotive application security.

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