Free Connected Car eBook from Jabil on the future of connected cars

internetofcarsJabil is offering a free eBook about connected cars. As cars become more high-tech, the companies that design and build them have to change, also, reports the eBook authors.

The report notes that cars are the third fastest growing connected devices and it is estimated that by 2020, 90 percent of cars will be connected to the Internet. Car (and car manufacturers) will become more like smartphones and smartphone companies.

The eBook covers  how technology will change automobiles of the future:

  • The Cloud and the Future of Auto Maintenance – In 2015, over-the-air software upgrades will expand to230,000 and reach one million in 2016. By 2020, about 22 million new vehicles
    globally will accept software upgrades over-the-air.

  • Connected Car Security – One of the major considerations for continued growth within the connected car market lies with securing critical automobile communication systems.

  • Smart Headlight Technologies – Hheadlights now feature sophisticated camera, sensor and motor
    systems that make predecessors seem. Smart headlights will use sophisticated technology, including MEMS and lasers, to automatically adjust our lights to driving conditions.

  • Auto Sensors and Car Intelligence – Electronics now make up 35 percent of the cost of a vehicle and electronics systems contribute more than 90 percent of innovations and new features to new vehicles.
  • Augmented Reality and Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) – Augmented reality (AR) is a
    technology that overlays live data (text, images, maps, etc.) and information directly onto a
    screen — a car’s windshield or a driver’s glasses.

A lot of technology innovation for vehicles is coming from outside the auto industry. Partnerships between car manufacturers and technology manufacturers that know how to build robust communication systems is crucial, the report notes.

To bring these technologies to the world at this scale requires unprecedented manufacturing expertise that leverages massive intelligent digital supply chains. Jabil notes that it has already build Internet of Things (IoT) devices and infrastructure for every imaginable industry, they are already thinking ahead to what transportation might look like in 2020 and beyond.

Download eBook here.