IBM opens cloud for automakers for insights, diagnostics & routing

IBM announced a new IBM Cloud-based service to help automakers turn driver and vehicle data into insights for vehicle maintenance, engine diagnostics and improved routing.

IBM’s Internet of Things (IoT) for Automotive solution, built on IBM IoT Foundation, helps gather data from sensors that can be combined with other data for real-time analysis. The service provides driver, vehicle and environmental insights through analytics, tapping both vehicle and geolocation data collected in the car. It also delivers insights from third party data such as from parking, customer data and vehicle history.

Continental is using IBM MessageSight and IBM InfoSphere Streams, components of the IBM IoT for Automotive solution, to help manage complex data streams and apply analytics to its eHorizon service which allows vehicle electronics to anticipate road conditions using digital mapping and crowd sourced data.

Along with driver and vehicle insights enabled by IBM’s IoT for Automotive service, new applications can be developed using the IBM IoT Foundation platform.

The IBM IoT for Automotive solution is available on IBM Cloud’s SoftLayer infrastructure.

Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is is offering Road Database, information to advanced driver assistance systems. The data taken from sensors on vehicles is fed into the backend where it can be turned into maps or warnings for other cars on the road.

Continental is testing adaptive cruise control with eHorizon with HERE maps for more dynamic cruise control that will lead to development of highly autonomous driving. Adaptive Cruise Control with eHorizon combines the accuracy of road maps from HERE, and the sensor information from the vehicle with additional levels of information

Continental, HERE and IBM collaborated on eHorizon with real-time digital maps using the IBM connected car cloud that is available for automakers to offer real-time maps and traffic updates safety, engine and navigation. eHorizon digital maps include dynamic events such as weather, accidents, or traffic jams, using IBM Big Data and Analytics to improve safety, connectivity,