IAA Connected Car News Roundup: Continental, Vinli, Nuance, Gemalto, HARMAN, Sygic, Samsung Rightware, Yangfeng & SAP

IAA322x572There were many announcements surrounding the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfort, Germany, with 219 world premieres and 1,103 exhibitors from 39 countries. Here are the announcements or product demonstrations from Continental, Vinli, Nuance, Gemalto, HARMAN, Sygic, Samsung Rightware, Yangfeng and SAP.

Continental & Vinli Car Port Dev Platform

Continental announced, Car Port, an in-car dashboard interface, developed in collaboration with Vinli, that enables users to interact with IoE devices and seamless connection to their digital lives outside the car. An example given is that when the door bell rings at home the driver is notified via video and the driver can talk to the delivery person. Another more probable example is approaching the home, the lights go on and the garage door opens.

Nuance Dragon Drives Mercedes-Benz

Nuance Communications  announced that its Dragon Drive connected car platform is powering the natural language interface of Mercedes-Benz’ suite of connected applications and services.

Nuance’s speech recognition make it simple for drivers to access, routing, weather, texts, or phone through a natural language with commands to be spoken in a single phrases, such as, “Where’s the next Shell gas station?” or, “Show me a Legal Sea Foods restaurant near my location.”

Security from Gemalto

Gemalto maker of digital security products, introduced the Cinterion Secure Element, a tamper-resistant component embedded in industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enable advanced digital security and lifecycle management. The security framework, named Secure Element, serves as the foundation of trust for building the IoT security architecture. This is crucial for long-lived industrial solutions such as connected cars and smart meters that need protection against evolving threats while remaining flexible to accommodate enhanced functionalities and services.

Leading edge automakers have already begun integrating Gemalto’s Cinterion Secure Element in advanced security architecture by design. The Cinterion Secure Element meets extreme environmental and longevity requirements from the automotive industry and benefits from smart card level security. This ensures that data is stored in a safe place and access is granted only to authorized applications and people helping to guard against digital and physical attacks.

HARMAN Demoes Several Products

HARMAN, connected technologies is demonstrating its latest innovative connected car technologies and concepts at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany.

HARMAN is showing its 5+1 layer security framework at IAA to display how HARMAN is tackling the most challenging security vulnerabilities faced in today’s automotive industry. HARMAN’s unique “defense-in-depth” security model changes the way OEMs secure the connected car. The system features OS access control, secure hardware, hypervisor, application sandboxing, network protection and Over-the-Air updates.

The company is showing an industry-first infotainment offering supported by a fully open standards-based system with an HTML5-based application environment. It challenges the industry security standard with its enhanced hyper-visor based domain separation and also embeds technology for advanced driver assist functions such as Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning.

HARMAN also announced new contract awards with BMW and Volkswagen to provide HARMAN’s infotainment systems in the new 7-Series and Tiguan vehicles. HARMAN delivers to the new BMW 7 Series including automatic over-the-air (OTA) quarterly map downloads, personalized routes, together with richer ‘Micro City’ detailed building graphics and comprehensive data including the width of roads.

Community-Sourced Mobile Maps for Bikers

Sygic, GPS navigation software maker, announced the development of its pioneering app designed especially for motorcycle lovers. Sygic MotorBike is the first full-featured app in the world designed exclusively for the needs of motorcyclists. This community-based navigation for motorcyclists with scenic routes and offline maps capability offers daily scenic routes suggestions, motorbike navigation and an active biker community.

Samsung Batteries

Samsung SDI participated in International Auto Show Germany. Samsung SDI was the only global battery manufacturer that participated in the motor show. A range of EV battery cells are displayed at Samsung SDI booth at IAA 2015.

Samsung SDI presented a full line-up of various battery cells, introducing Standardized Modules that are compatible with both PHEV and EV as well as newly developed high-performance packs by SDIBS. Samsung SDI introduced the best EV battery solution to the world, which has been satisfying the global carmakers’ high expectation. Samsung SDI also exhibited the automotive EP (Engineering Plastic).

Rightware Kanzi for Nissan Gripz

Rightware, the leading provider of Kanzi User Interface technology for the automotive industry, announced ta collaboration with Nissan. Rightware designed a next-generation digital infotainment concept for the Nissan Gripz concept car, revealed at the IAA 2015 conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Nissan Gripz crossover concept, launched at IAA 2015, takes influence from the original 1970’s desert racers such as the Datsun 240Z, as well as high-performance road-going bicycles.

267119Yanfeng Automotive Interiors’ ID16 concept Global debut at the IAA

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, shows the future of vehicle interiors with the global debut of its Innovation Demonstrator 2016 (ID16) concept car at the 2015 International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. It features over 30 technologies and innovations. For autonomous driving, the steering wheel automatically retracts to create more space. A rotating table comes out of a redefined floor console, and the steering wheel retracts into the instrument panel.

The StowSmart floor console features customizable storage compartments. Inntegrated into the instrument panel is decorative message display on the passenger side, an antimicrobial surface, pressure-sensitive user interfaces instead of the otherwise common switches and buttons, and also ultra-slim HVAC outlets.

SAP on Tap for Smart Cities

SAP demoed software to run the next generation of smart cities and drive urban mobility at the International Motor Show (IAA). The City App features crowdsourcing functionality that lets citizens report defects and damage in their immediate vicinity. Algorithms assimilate these reports with data, such as traffic density within that city sector, which can result in optimized city administration. Smart traffic control shows how Big Data-driven insights based on real-time traffic conditions and predictive analytics can help cities run smarter. The TwoGo mobile app shows how software can help users share rides, thereby helping enterprises, employees, institutions and local authorities save time and money. SAP Vehicle Insights, analytics cloud application combines vehicular data with sensor data to provide actionable insight into driver behavior patterns and driver efficiency.