Elektrobit, Infineon and NVIDA ADAS platform for autonomous driving

Trends_ConnectedCar_552x252pxElektrobit (EB), automotive software maker, announced it is working with Infineon Technologies, and NVIDIA,  to make it easier for automakers and their suppliers to create safe advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Together, the companies are delivering a development platform for automated driving.

The offering integrates technologies from EB, Infineon and NVIDIA to deliver solutions for automated driving. ADAS applications developed using the platform will enable a vehicle to interpret what is happening around it as well as communicate to the driver, to other critical systems within the vehicle, to other vehicles nearby, and to the cloud.

The solution consists of the NVIDIA DRIVE PX self-driving computer integrated with EB’s AUTOSAR 4.x-compliant EB tresos software suite, which runs on the NVIDIA Tegra processor and AURIX 32-bit TriCore microcontroller from Infineon.

The NVIDIA DRIVE PX platform enables the development of systems that capture and process multiple HD camera and sensor inputs and provides a rich environment for advanced graphics, computer vision and machine learning. EB tresos software provides seamless integration capability of Linux and AUTOSAR applications as well as NVIDIA DRIVE PX.

EB’s software platform for NVIDIA DRIVE PX is available now. NVIDIA DRIVE PX was announced in May and costs $10,000.

NVIDA’s processors are used in Tesla vehicles.