Signing gestures coming from Delphi for BMW & more

6a00d8341c4fbe53ef01b7c7ba4035970b-550wiDelphi will continue ask for a show of hands to operate cars with its gesture technology at IAA in Frankfurt in September.

Delphi has developed a system that will used by a leading European automaker which most likely BMW from what we saw at the demonstration from BMW at CES.

Drivers can sift through a stored playlist of music, zoom in and out of navigation maps or accept phone calls, without looking or touching the center console.

Simple hand and arm gestures control the infotainment system, essentially performing “sign language” with your vehicle.

Delphi’s gesture control complements existing control systems to offer drivers multiple interaction options. Driver can use voice, eye gaze, gesture and touch.

An infrared camera is placed in the hood liner, near the dome light. This camera can detect any hand gesture in a field above the gear shift — from the screen in the center console to the arm rest and from the height of your waist to the height of your shoulder.

By waving your hand from left to right, you can advance a playlist.  If you want to go back in a list, you simply wave your hand the opposite way, from right to left.  If you want to pause,  make the universal peace sign.

You can tap your index finger on an imaginary surface, as if you were touching a button a phone, and you accept a phone call or hang up.  Draw an imaginary circle in the air; clockwise to raise the  volume and counter clockwise to lower it.  Car makers can add to the list or use different gestures to match a culture or market more exactly.

Volkswagen will be introducing the Golf R Touch. Visteon showed the Sempra Novus cockpit.