Mo’ mojo for Mojio with Mojio Drive marketplace

mojiodriveMojio, winner of a Tech CARS award, debuted Mojio Drive, a marketplace of apps and services for the Mojio OBD-II device. The service launches with 20 connected car apps  for maintenance, repairs, roadside assistance, auto insurance, safety, security and productivity.

Mojio offers cellular data connectivity through AT&T, TELUS and Deutsche Telekom. An app currently in beta allows the Mojio to connected with smart home devices such as thermostats and lights as well as fitness devices.

Apps available for download are:

  • RepairLync – this Android app links drivers to repair shops. The app sends diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) to nearby automotive repair place for evaluation and price quote.
  • Onsurance – driver data is used to receive competitive auto insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers .
  •  Dooing – for businesses, helps dispatch, locate drivers, send jobs and track performance with detailed analytics.
  • Gauge – available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch – diagnoses car problems and alerts the driver.
  • – on-demand Roadside Assistance.
  • Cloak, available for iOS, Android and Apple Watch – monitors the car’s location.

Other apps available are Trek for iOS, IF by IFTTT for iOS and Android, Carla for Android, Easy Auto Log for Windows Phone, Spot for Pebble Watch, The Car Wizard and FleetLeed.

Mojio will works with Amazon’s Alexa.

All Mojio Drive apps and services require the Mojio device. Mojio  is available on  for $149 including the first year of service through AT&T. After that it costs $4.99 USD per month ($6.99 in Canada).

You should check compatibility because Mojio is not compatible with some cars such as some BMW X5 models.

Mojio sponsored an AT&T hackathon with an August 10 deadline, terefore we can expect more apps coming down the road.