Rear View Safety new front alerts and blind spot detection

sensorsRear View Safety announced new ADAS products to help detect low front obstacles and objects in the side blind spots.

The RVS-116 ($99) is Rear View Safety’s  forward facing vehicle sensor system. This unique product is designed to quickly and easily mount on the front of the vehicle in question. Four sensors are installed on the front bumper, all of which feed information to a module located directly on your dashboard. This is designed to alert the driver when he or she may be getting too close to certain objects that may be too close to the ground to see.

In the box with the RVS-116 is everything that a driver will need to get the system up and running, making installation easier and more convenient that they may have thought possible. Four completely waterproof and weather resistant sensors are included, as is one control box, one power cable, one drill bit and the high quality LED display designed to fit comfortably on any dashboard.

RVS-BES02 (PRNewsFoto/Rear View Safety)
RVS-BES02 (PRNewsFoto/Rear View Safety)

Another new product that Rear View Safety has brought to market is the RVS-BES02 ($249.99) blind spot sensor system. The system is designed to use sensors installed on both sides of a vehicle to alert the driver to objects that may be difficult to see because they are the car or truck’s blind spot.

The sensors feed information directly to a visual alert box that is installed on the “A” pillar of the vehicle, making sure that the driver can see it quickly and clearly at all times. With the RVS-BES02, a driver will not have to worry about obstacles in blind spots.