New Magellan products for automakers: Smartphone Box, MDT-7 & ORV

magellanMagellan is offering three new systems for automakers Smartphone Box, Magellan Off-Road-Vehicle and CalAmp Android-based mobile data terminal (MDT-7) with Magellan’s professional-grade fleet navigation software.

Smartphone Box Easy Upgrades & Connections

Magellan’s Smartphone Box brings computing power and memory storage to low-power head units with support iPhone iOS and Android Smartphone Box also allows smartphone Bluetooth connectivity for “brought-in” content and apps.

The Magellan Smartphone Box offers standard navigational information such as turn-by-turn directions, traffic information, and the latest points of interest (POI). Smartphone Box can play music off a SD card or USB connection, and supports  MySpin, WebLink, and MirrorLink. It allows the sharing of music and videos from the smartphone.

The Smartphone Box allows auto automakers to reduce factory costs by enabling infotainment upgrades at the dealer,

The Smartphone Box also runs smartphone apps via various links, and delivers live location-based information and social content through Magellan’s SmartGPS Eco cloud platform. The device may be hidden by installing it in the glove box and is easily detached to prevent theft.

Professional Fleet Navigation

Magellan and CalAmp offer the Android-based mobile data terminal (MDT-7) with Magellan’s professional-grade fleet navigation software. The MDT-7 provides fleet operators in the U.S. and Canada with access to advanced navigation features such as speed limit and speed alert notifications, turn-by-turn directions, trip planning enhancements and a collection of fleet-specific cloud services.

The Magellan Fleet Navigation application is also fleet protocol-support ready, offering hours of service (HOS) and state mileage for international fuel tax agreement (IFTA) fuel logging, automatic on board recording device (AOBRD) capability, estimated time of arrival (ETA) protocols and more.

CalAmp will also be making the Magellan SmartGPS Eco cloud service available on the MDT-7 to provide customers with access to real-time content such as fuel pricing, map updates, weather, traffic reports and alerts.

Off Road Vehicle Navigation

Magellan also announced its new Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Navigation platform. Designed for off-roading enthusiasts, the Magellan ORV Navigation platform allows off-road enthusiasts to plan, track and save trail rides and dirt miles, and add pictures and comments to trails.

The Magellan ORV platform includes an online user community, where riders can plan and save their trails, share trails with other riders, add pictures and comments to trails, and search for new trails. In addition, the Magellan ORV platform includes the most comprehensive outdoor trail maps available for off-road enthusiasts, covering all 50 states and Canada.

The Magellan ORV platform’s trail maps are cloud based, dynamic and will continue to grow and be improved by both Magellan and the user community.

Off-road enthusiasts have exciting stories to save and share. The Magellan ORV navigation platform gives off-roaders, campers, and anyone enjoying the outdoors on a vehicle the tools to plan, experience, and capture their activities in a story format, that they can keep or share with friends, family, or the larger off-road and outdoor communities. To be a resource for the entire off-road community, Magellan’s standard iOS and Android ORV apps will be available in the iTunes and Google Play stores. This will enable any off-road enthusiast to find trails and record, save and share their own adventures.