TU-Detroit Connected Car Roundup: BMW, QNX, Intel, Laird, Autonet, Carvi & Batmobile

TUgroupimageThe TU-Detroit conference is in full swing with the movers and shakers of the automotive connected car industry meeting, discussing and showing their latest technology. Here is a roundup of all the new technology that can be seen from dynamic parking to the Dynamic Duo. Companies represented include BMW, INRIX, QNX, Intel, Autonet, Carvi, Rigthware, Kanzi, Laird, Movmiento and Covisint.

Dynamic Parking Predictions from BMW & INRIX

BMW and INRIX are showing the Dynamic Parking Prediction research project, that makes finding street parking easier. BMW is presenting a research prototype in a BMW i3. Dynamic Parking Prediction is able to predict parking availability using movement data from vehicle fleets.

Up-to-date digital maps illustrate public parking spaces, while several thousand vehicles from a test fleets supplied anonymous movement data finding, using and leaving spaces. Parking suggestions are shown on the dashboard display.The system achieves reliable results while accuracy increases as the data from vehicles increases. Initial tests in Munich were successful.

QNX Demos Intel, Updates, Demos, Tech Concept Cars & Cryptography

Intel announced that it is collaborating with QNX for advanced dashboard functionality  including infotainment systems, digital instrument clusters and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). QNX is showing the upgrade to the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, running on Intel Atom processor.

QNX’s “cluster innovation wall” at TU-Detroit shows QNX OS technology integrated with user interface design tools from cluster software providers and members of the QNX automotive ecosystem, including 3D Incorporated, Crank Software Inc., DiSTI Corporation, Elektrobit, HI Corporation, and Rightware.

For security, QNX  and Certicom are working on strong cryptography and entity authentication for the automotive industry.

QNX is showcasing the latest QNX technology concept car, based on a Maserati Quattroporte GTS, and the QNX concept Jeep Wrangler. The cars highlight integration of sensors, cameras, navigation engines, cloud-based services, speech interfaces, and acoustics software — to simplify driving tasks, warn of collisions, and enhance driver awareness.

The company is also demonstrating the new QNX Hypervisor.

Auotnet & Carvi ADAS through Telematics

Autonet and Carvi are demonstrating safety warnings such as lane departure or front collision warnings detected by the Carvi camera and sensor platform, which is wirelessly connected to Autonet’s 4G Telematics Control Unit (TCU) in a vehicle.

Carvi ADAS uses Carvi’s advanced image recognition and risk analysis algorithm. Carvi’s products are sold under the AudioVox and Rydeen brand names in United States.

Laird Demonstrates DSRC

Laird is demonstrating Dedicated Short Range Communication DSRC technology. Laird tests products and standards for future Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure applications and is part  the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Affiliated Test Bed program.

Rightware Kanzi Performance and Partnerships

Rightware announced the release of Kanzi Performance Analyzer, the first performance measurement solution for automotive cockpit computers. Kanzi Performance Analyzer enables automotive companies and software suppliers to test, measure and future-proof their automotive software and hardware platforms.

Rightware also announced the Kanzi Partner Program, a global ecosystem of companies working together to develop and define the future of digital HMIs by utilizing Rightware’s Kanzi UI Solution.


Movmiento Moves OTA

Movimento’s advanced OTA platform makes software updates of any car’s electronics possible, from the power train to the infotainment systems, in one go, including automotive architectures and modules from legacy vehicles. Movimento shows how the OTA platform monitors the vehicle bus so that any unauthorized messages are detected en route and aborted within 10 milliseconds, also keeping driver data from being compromised.

ESCRYPT & Arynga

ESCRYPT and Arynga are presenting their joint software management solution that combines update efficiency with the strict safety and security standards. “Secure OTA Software Management for Automotive”, combines Arynga’s CarSync software management system with the ESCRYPT’s Key Management Solution Secure Software Updates.

FotoNation Detects Drowsy Drivers

FotoNation is showing its new driver monitoring system. FotoNation’s FacePower technology identifies the driver, detects driver drowsiness and distraction to allow automakers to provide enhanced and safer driving experiences.

FotoNation can detect various driver states, even with the presence of image occlusions, such as face masks, head scarves, hats or glasses, and in all lighting conditions. FotoNation’s new driver monitoring system runs on the Texas Instruments TDA3x System-on-Chip processor.

Covisint Goes Batty with Batmobile

Covisint’s secure cloud platform enables cohesive IoT experiences for automotive manufacturers and their customers. To demonstrate how well the system works with partners they are associating themselves with the Dynamic Duo–Batman and Robin.

At the Covisint booth is a 1966 Batmobile equipped with a lot of high-tech features that only recently made it into modern vehicles including the mobile Batcomputer, the Bat-ray (e.g., remotely opening doors), the Batphone and more.