Mitsubishi Electric’s new Android 3-screen infotainment & noise cancellation systems

Mitsubishi_Electric_FLEXConnect_Complete_DisplayMitsubishi Electric announced two new systems the Active Noise Control (ANC) system its new generation of FLEXConnect In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems.

FLEXConnect.IVI provides an intuitive, three-screen user interface. By combining swipe and touchscreen technology, the user can safely interact with the heads-up display and instrument cluster on the center panel. Mitsubishi Electric partnered as Apple, Google and Garmin to develop FLEXConnect.IVI.

FLEXConnect is based on the Android, features a large 12.1-inch portrait mode display, allowing access for one to three features simultaneously. With full-screen, half-screen and one-third screen displays, users can access navigation only, navigation and media player, or navigation, media player and climate controls.

FLEXConnect.IVI is powered by a single Texas Instruments Jacinto 6 automotive processor.

Noise Cancelling ANC

The system called FLEXConnect.ANC, uses  XSe ANC technology developed by Mentor Graphics, that minimizes engine and road noise for a quiet, comfortable environment in the cabin of the vehicle.

The FLEXConnect.ANC development accelerates the pace that OEMs can refine a growing differentiator for automakers. It provides drivers and passengers a quieter environment, enabling them to hear phone calls, music and navigation commands by minimizing outside interference.

The new FLEXConnect.ANC with the Mentor Graphics electronic noise cancellation software also allows automakers to reduce cost by removing heavy, noise-dampening materials. In addition, it performs multiple functions running on fewer hardware components, resulting in less energy spent on tuning and calibrating compared to standard competing technologies.

The XSe ANC solution as part of the Mentor Automotive In-Car Experience is a new approach to in-vehicle ANC where inputs aren’t limited to microphones and engine speed, but also include accelerometers for engine order and road noise cancellation. The underlying algorithm is tunable in real-time and the results are available instantaneously via the included software telemetry capabilities, facilitating dynamic configuration of the system.

The XSe ANC system uses advanced audio processing techniques to adapt rapidly to varying noises from changing road conditions. The audio speakers generate a sound wave at the same amplitude as the originating noise, then adds an inverted wave to the original sound, which creates interference and thus cancels both sound waves.

FLEXConnect.ANC joins Mitsubishi Electric’s existing Ethernet-enabled architectures: FLEXConnect.RSE and FLEXConnect.IVI.