BlipTrack detects Bluetooth, shows real-time data on digital signs, eases traffic


Bluetooth is being used to monitor traffic and display information to drivers in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. Ten digital signs, by ITS Teknik, show driving times, alternative routes and weather conditions on the busiest streets. Traffic is improved by giving drivers more information about their route, while engineers can use the data to synchronize traffic signals and better understand traffic situations.

The content of the signs is updated as the traffic changes using a system designed by Blip Systems, called BlipTrack.

The real-time traffic data is culled 125 sensors on selected roads that detect motorists using Bluetooth devices, such as in hands-free systems and mobile phones. When a vehicle with a live Bluetooth device passes the sensors, its ID (MAC address) is recorded, encrypted and time-stamped. The data is then sent to a server where it is analyzed.

BlipTrack-Traffic-IllustrationThe  data collected gives an accurate picture of each driver including travel times and movement patterns.

The information is used by city traffic engineers to identify problem areas, to calibrate traffic signals, determine capacity of the roads, and detect changes in traffic patterns.

The Port of Aalborg is also using the BlipTrack system. There is an information sign at the exit from the harbor area showing truck drivers the fastest route to the Highway. BlipTrack sensors were used over the holiday season to identify the number of shoppers, where and when they spent time. The data provided Aalborg City Business Association with an in-depth understanding of the impact of large-scale events, such as the annual Christmas market in December

The tamper-proof and weather-resistant sensors are attached to existing poles. A GPS receiver in the sensor ensures automatic and accurate location data. Live sensor monitoring with automated alarms and recovery handles issues before they escalate into problems. Once mounted, the sensors require no maintenance.

The BlipTrack solution, is developed by BLIP Systems, a Danish-based company. Systems are being used to measure traffic in Denmark, UK, Switzerland and New Zealand. It also measures and displays waiting times in airports, such as Copenhagen, Dublin, Brussels, Toronto and Cincinnati.