Promise not 2 Txt & drive app 4 iPhone 5-6 & Apple Watch

screen390x3902 is hoping its new app will keep drivers from texting while driving through promise reminders on Apple Watches.  Using the emotional reminder of children, parents or loved ones helps those driving to remember to drive safely.

The “DrivePromise by Edmunds,” app encourages users to promise to focus on the road while driving. When the car is moving, the driver sees an image of loved one along with a reminder to drive safely that acts as an emotional motivator. The app keeps count of all of the user’s safe drives to share with friends and family.

The app was inspired by Edmunds’ conversations with Dan Ariely, acclaimed behavioral economist at Duke University. Ariely explained that parents behind the wheel are more likely to stay focused on the road if they are prompted by reminders from their children to drive safe.

Apple Watch and iPhone owners can download the Drive Promise app at

With the drive promise app you can:
• Make a promise to your loved one(s) that you will focus on the road while driving.
• Upload a picture of your loved one(s) to remind you to keep your promise.
• Receive a promise reminder on your iPhone and Apple Watch every time you drive.
• Keep count of your kept promises and share them with your friends and family.

promiseappThis app uses a motion-tracking sensor that’s only available in iPhone 5S and above. encourages drivers to use the same psychological technique to keep themselves focused behind the wheel, either by placing a photo of a loved one in a visible but non-obstructive location in their car or simply by consciously thinking of their families whenever they are tempted by a distraction.

Edmunds warns in the fine print “*This app does not detect or block distracted driving. Please exercise caution when using this app while driving. is not responsible for the safety of drivers/passengers.”

AT&T is promoting stopping smartphone use while driving by sponsoring a virtual reality campaign to show how dangerous it is.

Just before the Apple Watch was launched a lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court against Apple, Samsung, Google, and Microsoft for a billion dollar program to educate drivers about the dangers of using smartwatches while driving.