Top best Apple Watch connected car apps, so far

For those who are getting their Apple Watches today you can download the latest apps for cars, transportation, parking, rides and more. As of today, there are 2640 approved watch apps for the App store, however there are only a handful of connected car apps by automakers. After you pay $350 for your Apple Watch and can’t afford a car, you can use it to hail a Uber ride or even find the closest bus stop with the fastest route.

Porsche Remote App

PorshewatchappThe Porsche Car Connect app for Panamera, 918 Spider, Macan and Cayenne now works with the Apple Watch.  Starting from model year 2014, Porsche Car Connect gives the ability to remotely access your Porsche from your iPhone. The requires that the Porsche is equipped with a Porsche Car Connect unit.

The Porsche Car Connect app allows drivers with compatible iPhones to see route statistics, vehicle location, open/closed elements and what is locked or unlocked. From the app the user can fold the exterior mirrors and program the heater. The app was created by Telefonica.

Apple Watch i Remote for BMW i3/i8

P90180790-bmw-i-remote-app-for-apple-watch-04-2015-600pxBMW announced that the Apple Watch i Remote App for BMW i3/i8 is now available for download. The app shows the current battery status and alerts when the it is fully charged.

Apple Watch with the i Remote App can show navigation instructions from the BMW i3 to the user’s final destination after the car has been parked and guide owners back to their cars. The app has intermodal route planning, to show alternative modes of transportation when it is more efficient.

Users can turn pre-condition the climate control, see if the open/locked statuses of doors/sunroof or trunk and vehicle diagnostics for needed fluids or services.

BMW i3 and BMW i8 have embedded SIM cards, to allow for communication.

Meter-Made Easier with PayByPhone

paybyphone_app_mediumFor those who don’t want to pump money in the meter PayByPhone Parking, lets you pay the meter and check on time remaining.  Owners get a notification ten minutes before the meter time expire.

Don’t Get Pulled Over, Use AntiSpeed

antispeedFor those who are not aware of the speed limit, AntiSpeed, speedometer and speed limit alert, will notify you if you are speeding  for $2.99. logbook

LogBook for Your Wrist

LogBook ($1.99) for iPhone and Apple Watch will log your trips and export them as CSV file.

Automatic Coming to a Watch Near You

Automatic, the OBDII device service with iPhone app has an Apple Watch app in the works. Automatic’s Head of Marketing Ljuba Miljkovic, told thatt the Automatic Apple Watch app will help drivers with  locating a car and tracking business trips. Expenses can be tracked with Concur.

Uber Watch App Watches for Drivers

The Apple Watch Uber ride app lets users call for rides and alerts users when their drivers arrive. It shows the make and model of the driver’s car as well as the license plate.UBerwatchapps


 Public Transit from Citymapper

citymapper_app_mediumIf you don’t have the money to buy a car or even the money to pay for Uber, but do buy an Apple Watch, Citymapper will help with public transportation. Citymapper shows the fastest routes to wherever you want to go. Based on your current location, it provides instructions for catching the nearest bus or train, and lists the next three arrivals so you can choose exactly when to leave. It also delivers a gentle tap to let you know when you’ve reached your stop.