Augmented MINI future vision of connected car connections with eyewear

Debuting at the Sangahi Auto Show, MINI Augmented Vision will show how connectivity and transparent connected eyewear might work in the future. It’s called augmented reality eyewear in which interactive features work with augmented reality. Speed limits, parking spaces and other information will appear to be on the windsheild while the driver wheres the glasses without obstructing the drivers view.

AR eyewear is see-through technology that projects images on the lens viewed by the driver but without concealing the road or traffic ahead.

MINI Augmented Vision was developed in collaboration with several Qualcomm companies.

MINI claims the driver´s attention can always stay focused on the traffic. The glasses look more like turn of the century goggles worn by horse-less carriage drivers than the futuristic look of Google glass worn by “Glassholes.”

These features will be projected into the field of view with MINI Augmented Vision:

  • Selecting destination points while outside the vehicle, then transferring them to the vehicle.
  • Navigation displayed from the current location to the vehicle or from the vehicle to the final destination.
  • It can act as a heads-up display showing speed, speed limits allowing data to be shown in same place above steering wheel to make sure that the road is not concealed.
  • Reality on the screen shows navigation arrows “on” the road, as well as display of points of interest along the route, such as open parking spaces.
  • A small icon is shown in the eyewear when a message is received. The SMS/message can then be read out by the car while driving for safety.
  • A virtual view through parts of the vehicle can show external areas or objects.
  • Parking spaces are show by projecting the images from a camera housed in themirror into the eyewear. The distance from the curb can be clearly and easily ascertained.

Design and color-concept of the eyewear were created by Designworks for MINI.