Toyota’s New ADAS Packages

ToyottSafetysensewADAS features in cars usually run in the thousands of dollars on luxury cars. Toyota announced that it will offer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)  for some cheapest prices in the industry.

Toyota will offer automatic braking, lane departure warnings and other safety features for $300 in compact models, called Safety Sense C. A more advanced version will be priced at $500 for midsize and larger models called TSS P. Lexus ADAS packages will be the most advanced and priced from $500-$635 and named Lexus Safety System+.

New package pricing will debut at the New York Auto Show for the RAV4 hybrid and Lexus RX.

Safety Sense C for compact modes uses a camera and lidar for its pre-collision system with collision warnings and auto-braking, Lane Departure Alert and Automatic High Beam.

Toyota Safety Sense P uses a camera and millimeter-wave radar with all the features of Safety Sense C with pedestrian pre-collison system (warnings, assisted braking and auto-braking) and dynamic radar cruise control.

Lexus Safety System + integrates pre-collision system (PCS), lane departure alert (LDA) and automatic high beam (AHB) that helps ensure enhanced forward visibility during nighttime driving. The Lexus system uses a millimeter-wave radar with a camera. Additional features include pedestrian pre-collision system and dynamic radar cruise control.

Ford recently announced advanced ADAS technology to prevent speeding, prevent collisions with pedestrians and better steering for specific situations. It also offers a skid avoidance feature.

Toyota may charge less for ADAS features, however in general, we find on TrueCar the overall prices for comparable cars to Toyota are less expensive.

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