INRIX drives more connected car apps for Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge

Samsung-CarMode-Drive-Time-to-workINRIX is working with Samsung for driving-related apps and services for the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones.

INRIX real-time traffic and travel time provides data for several apps and services designed to help Galaxy S6 owners save time, get gas and avoid traffic delays.

INRIX Supported Samsung Apps Are:

  • “Morning!” Smart Alarm Clock App – a wake up alarm based on traffic, appointments, emails and commute destinations.
  • “Car Mode”- users can set their S6 to automatically switch to a driver friendly user interface that uses voice controls and larger,  fonts and button sizes. Car mode provides real-time traffic maps showing the best routes, travel times and ETAs to home and work. Car mode also offers voice alerts to drivers about accidents and other incidents as well as access to real-time insight into the closest available off-street parking and least expensive place to refuel.
  • “My Places” Widget – Samsung’s My Places widget provides Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners with ‘glance and go’ insight into the best route, travel time and ETA from their current location to home and to work.
  • “Morning!” Smart Alarm Clock App . Morning! Smart Alarm Clock is a smart alarm app that gets you up and going with weather, traffic conditions to work, your appointments of the day, and unread emails – all to help you get your day started right. INRIX helps this app jump start commuters’ day each morning with insight into recommended departure times and travel times in traffic to work and alerts to accidents and other incidents causing delays on their route.


INRIX XD Traffic app users now can receive departure alerts for saved places in the app that tells them the best time to leave and expected travel time in traffic to their destination on the Samsung Galaxy S Gear smartwatch connected to a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.


INRIX’s real-time traffic information and driver services are on the road today from a variety of automakers including Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Toyota.

INRIX delivers traffic and driving-related insight, as well as sophisticated analytical tools and services across six industries covering more than four million miles (6.4 million km) of road in 40 countries.