Need for better search nearby, BMW, Ford GM & Mercedes infotainment rated

bluetooth_office_02_enTwo new reports show what drivers want in navigation/search systems and what in-car infotainment systems are rated highest by analysts. There is always room for improvement in how the data is displayed and how the driver accesses the data. Luxury brands seem to have a better understanding of innovation while popular brands such as Ford, GM and Toyota do a good top of implementation.

Survey Sez We Want Voice Search & Nearby Locations

deCarta’s new survey shows what features people want in navigation, search and voice commands in next-generation connected cars. deCart provides mapping, navigation and near-me-now search.

The survey found that 56% of drivers have safety concerns about managing multiple, non-integrated applications for local search, navigation and mapping while behind the wheel. This is a challenge for the auto industry.

Problems with systems noted are some search solutions today show results behind the driver rather than the most convenient results ahead of them.

The survey reveals that drivers are not getting exactly what they need

  • 69% considered dashboard screens that display videos and other Internet content to be the most dangerous types of on board information systems.
  • 79% those polled preferred “voice-activated mapping systems that allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road” as an essential safety-enhancing feature.
  • 65% said they would prefer always-on navigation systems that work with or without wireless coverage in their vehicle.
  • 64% said they desire smart real-time integrated traffic solutions for optimum route calculation.
  • 33% of respondents indicated they want the ability to find places along their current route, like a restaurant to stop ahead of them in the next hour.
  • 27% wanted smarter, more useful searches that combine multiple needs such as parking near the place they were being navigated to.
  • 26% indicated they wanted more intelligent search to find gas stations along their route ahead of them combined with current/cheapest fuel prices.
  • From those who use on-board navigation systems, just 7% use them for “near-me-now discovery” to determine their locations and proximity to nearby sites.

de Carta beleives that Adding intelligent “search along a route” functionality could become a major win for automakers. deCarta says their survey results reinforce the value of the work deCarta is doing with major speech recognition companies.

Connected Car Infotainment Ratings

ABI Research’s released its latest Connected Automotive Infotainment competitive assessment. ABI rated infotainment in the categories of innovation and implementation

Innovation 101

  • Mercedes-Benz narrowly beat Audi AG to be rate third in innovation due to its app store, myCOMAND.
  • Ford was ranked second for its connected navigation performance with Telenav and SiriusXM.
  • BMW was first in the Innovation category for its feature set, including streaming, social networking, and in-car Wi-Fi. For the Tech CARS Awards GM won a best category for its 4G LTE Wi-Fi.



In the Implementation category Ford was rated higher than second place BMW that tied with GM and finishes ahead of Toyota. Ford form our surveys won the Tech CARS Award for best integration of smartphones.

Both Ford and BMW score highly in regional coverage though BMW still lags far behind Ford in market share.

Ford lost points in the category of quality and reliability due to its issues with MyFord Touch, which hopefully will be fixed in SYNC 3.

VW and Volvo’s ranking improved.