eyeLock my car with my iris, the eyes have it for security

rearviewmirror1While people worry about hacking cars wirelessly, through a key fob or remote start app, soon there may be  a biometric way to start your car, witch is near impossible to hack—iris scanning. All you have to do is look into a mirror or visor and your eyes are recognized. Biometric maker, eyeLock is working on a authentication system using cameras in the visor or rearview mirror to scan the eyes of people to ensure they are authorized to start and use the car.

EyeLock’s iris authentication technology looks at more than 240 points in an eye for identification. Since no two irises are alike, the chances of a false match are less than one in 1.5 million. After the scan confirms the user is authorized to start the car, the car can be started.

Biometric technology such as fingerprint scanning is used on smartphones and have been proven to be effective to authenticate users. Passwords can be stolen or hacked, eyes can not.

Anthony Antolino, marketing manager at eyeLock, confirmed that eyeLock is working with auto equipment suppliers to provide iris-scanning technology and will announce partnerships at the end of the year.

EyeLock eye data is stored locally on chips in the car. When the two-camera system scans a driver’s eyes, the image is converted into a code and matched against a template using military-grade (AES-256) encryption in the car’s computer system. The system only works with human eyes and can not be tricked by a photograph.

Being able to track who is driving the car could lower insurance rates in the future as well as prevent thefts. It could be used to not allow someone convicted of DUI or other infractions from driving the family car. Families could prevent a teenager from driving the car until his/her homework is done.

The only problem we see is  when the valet parking guy can’t get your car to start to bring it to you at the Academy Awards, then you’ll have to use the smartwatch car retreival app to get the car to come to you.

Eyelock myris works on computers and checking the eyes and superseding the need for passwords.

EyeLock showcased its EyeLock ID technology integrated in a 3D printed automobile at the 2015 North America International Auto Show.