Continental eHorizon: HERE with IBM data and real-time info

img_up_to_date_information_ehorizon_en-dataContinental, HERE and IBM collaborated on eHorizon with real-time digital maps using the IBM connected car cloud that is available for automakers to offer real-time maps and traffic updates safety, engine and navigation.

eHorizon digital maps include dynamic events such as weather, accidents, or traffic jams, using IBM Big Data and Analytics to improve safety, connectivity, infotainment, driver assistance, and engine management .

eHorizon empowers driver assistance systems or actuator behavior such as braking and steering can be prepared for upcoming traffic situations, long before the vehicle sensors detect the situation.

eHorizon helps optimize the engine management system in hybrid vehicles as well as range maximization of electric vehicles with predictive energy management. The system can use data about the weather along the way that can influence the range of electric vehicles. Hybrid vehicles can drive even longer without assistance from the internal combustion engine, if the vehicle has dynamic traffic information.

To allow for real-time updates, the dynamic eHorizon uses the data provided by sensors on other vehicles and additional sources using the Internet.

The eHorizon map data is kept available in HERE’s location cloud, which analyzes real-time data from sensors and other dynamic events and systematically transmits the information to the vehicle so it can adjust its route.

Continental can supply the hardware and intelligence in the vehicle as well as algorithms, to analyze vehicle sensors or commercial traffic data to create one overall picture on the digital map.

These kind of functions will be needed in the future for autonomous cars.

eHorizon is deployed in Scania Cruise Control with Active Prediction which has become a standard feature of Scania trucks. eHorizon can reduce consumption by three per cent on average.

In 2013 IBM and Continental announced a collaboration agreement that will see the companies jointly develop fully-connected mobile vehicle solutions for car manufacturers around the world.