Verizon gets into the OBD OnStar connected car act with Verizon Vehicle service

verizonvehicleAt the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Verizon announced Verizon Vehicle a connected car roadside assistance service with, telematics, Bluetooth calls for assistance and mechanical diagnostics for the 200 million cars and trucks on the road without connected car features. There will be a monthly membership fee and discounts to members.

Verizon Vehicle will launch in second quarter of 2015 with vehicle diagnostics, live assistance with GPS  and connections to A.S.E. Certified Mechanics to diagnose potential problems and offer solutions.

If drivers need assistance, the built-in GPS identifies their exact location, and a tow truck driver or other help can be dispatched as needed. Other features include a mechanic help line, car locator, parking meter timer/reminder, vehicle maintenance alerts and stolen vehicle location

The subscription-based service uses the OBDII reader, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker attached to the visor and a smartphone app. Members can use the app or elect to set up the service to contact them by phone, text, push notification or email if a potential issue is detected with their vehicle. The speaker gives one-button push connection to the member care group, the mechanics hotline and roadside assistance — as well as a second button for SOS emergency situations.

Verizon Vehicle members will be entitled to substantial discounts on hotels, vehicle rentals, auto maintenance, repairs and related travel expenses.

It should be available thru nationwide retailers by late 2015. Prices have not been announced.  Currently ODBII devices available include mojio, Dash, Automattic and Zubie, these companies are nominated for the Tech CARS awards (vote now).


Verizon Vehicle will launch April 10 and will cost $14.99 per month ($12.99 per month for each additional vehicle) with a two-year contract. The device valued at $120 is included for free.