Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone speeCup, holds world cup 4 easy Bluetooth iPhone/Android calls in your car @intlCES

speeCupiCreations at CES will be showing TotallyHandsFree driving while maintaining communication with the iCreation Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone speeCup with voice commands. It is designed to help those who don’t want to buy or install a completely new in-car system and also use the Bluetooth speaker on-the-go.

“speeCup TotallyHandFree is compatible with iOS 8  iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+,” Gus Jockers, iCreation’s, USA Director, told AUTO Connected Car News and noted that the company has tested the speeCup with current iPhone models and Android  2.0-5.0 with Bluetooth connectivity.

We know many of our readers are disappointed with the recent iOS 8 update the caused Bluetooth disconnects with in-car systems. The speeCup could solve the iPhone 4S-5-6+ Bluetooth connection hiccups with in-car systems problem as a temporary solution for Bluetooth calls or music until Apple fixes its Bluetooth Bungle for in-car infotainment systems.

If or when Apple or the car makers fix the iOS 8 Bluetooth issues with car audio systems, if you buy a speeCup, you’ll still have a Bluetooth speaker to use in the garden, garage or outdoors. The voice activation is so good, you can use it on a Bicycle to talk on a phone, which is much safer than holding the phone to your face, while riding.

“The speedCup TotallyHandsFree speaker/Bluetooth speakerphone works any where in the car, it does not necessarily have to be the cup holder,” added Jockers who has demonstrated the technology in very noisy settings many times

Last year’s model, the touch speeCup was activated with gesture controls and won CES Innovations awards. This TotallyHandsFree speeCup  uses voice commands. speeCup lets you:

  • Make a phone call.
  • Send a text message.
  • Use Hey Siri or OK Google.
  • What can I say?
  • Pair Mode
  • Am I connected?
  • Call Back (last incoming call)
  • Redial (last outgoing call)
  • Check battery
  • Cancel
  • When call comes in – “you have a call from John Doe”
  • Phone command – (connects to Siri or S Voice on smartphone or tablet)
The speeCup has an integrated noise canceling microphone, 20 hour battery, aux jack line OUT, Micro USB and 12V dual output.
We have been promised a demo at CES and hope it will solve all the iOS 8 Bluetooth problems. The CES exhibit will be a great test place because it is nosier than a car loaded with people. The speeCup TotallyHandsFree will ship in February with MSRP of $109.99. It will be useful for those who  have car systems without an aux jack or ones where Bluetooth integration is not possible.

After AUTO Connected Car News spoke with Jockers, we put the speeCup on the must-see list at CES 2015.

TotallyHandsFree™ speeCup from Jackson Studios on Vimeo.