Telematics West Coast Trends & Facts Roundup

telematicswestcoastIt’s been a week since AUTO Connected Car News visited Telematics West Coast (Day 1, Day 2, Demo 1 Demo 2). The information gleamed from packing the infotainment literati in the same rooms for two days may have a profound impact on the car business such as the following trends.

There were several general themes and trends throughout the event:

  • The auto makers are working together to share open source code, such as Jaguar Land/Rover and Ford.
  • Car makers are working to simplify and contextualize infotainment features on head units such as AUPEO!
  • More real-time information will pushed to drivers including weather from Baron and real-time traffic data from INRIX.
  • Tracking of drivers for offers and better insurances rates like Wejo or Mojio, or other means.
  • Remote features such as keyless entry and Bluetooth are popular with consumers.

In reviewing my notes I found the following facts the most interesting:

  • 80% of connected vehicle functionality is shared across platforms (Jaguar Land Rover).
  • Drivers pay an extra $200 per year for fraud (Wejo).
  • Car makers make systems with secure vehicles systems, secure backend systems and secure customers (Nissan).
  • There are 24 different IVI (In-Vehicle-Infotainment) solutions from car makers.
  • 28% of corporate IT Systems and business functions are impacted by connected vehicles.
  • People like it when their cars talk to them and give them valuable data such as the case when Volkswagen offers Vehicle Health Reports.
  • There will be 1.3 billioin drivers by 2017 (INRIX).
  • Smart parking can reduce traffic in peak and off peak hours by 22% and 12% or a total reduction by 8%.
  • The most important factor in determining what car a person buys is Reliablity (62% ), while Telmatics services is 29%. (Frost and Sullivan)
  • There is room for entrepreneurs and new car devices as seen in the exhibitor Driver Management Systems that stops texting/cell phone use while driving and can detect alcohol.

The most profound statement made panelist “People don’t trust Apple, Google or the government but they do trust the car makers.”

Annie Reddawy summed it up this way “We’ve had great feedback for Telematics West Coast 2014, attendees enjoyed the quality of the sessions and the networking. It was brilliant to see so many people there.”

The next coverage of an event from AUTO Connected Car News will be the Connected Car Expo at the LA AUTO Show, November 18-20.  2015 will start off with news from International CES.