“Sexy” Mojio has open source connected car mojo?

mojioWe’ve seen smartphones described as sexy but herein marks the first time we’ve see an OBDII device get the “sexy” moniker.  In the introduction to the news release for the release of Mojio,  it states “In addition to the sexy OBD plug-and-play device, Mojio is an open platform.”

Would someone please tell me what is sexy about it? Does it have male and female plugs?  Are the connectors shiner than an iPhone? Does it vibrate?

The news release and intro reads like a new movie or fashion craze.

“Mojio is connected, social and smart – meaning it is not only a cellular and GPS device that offers insights into what’s going on under the hood, but also integrates near real-time information (every 30 seconds) into your driving to offer the information you need right when you need it. Get detailed information like parking spaces near your destination, amount of gas used per trip, and even alerts when your car is being towed.”

Mojio  is now available on Amazon.com  for $149 including the first year of service through AT&T. After that it costs $4.99 USD per month ($6.99 in Canada).

Mojio  claims it is the only open-platform, 3G cellular device that delivers a near real-time connected driving experience to drivers.

Mojio will even “help drivers stay safely connected with friends, family and appointments by providing the option to share vehicle location and estimated arrival time with selected contacts, without having to text while driving”.

With new apps drivers will be able to “customize” their relationship with their car, just like they have with their smartphones.

Future apps include parking payments, automated trip expensing, simplified car rental and home automation .

The biggest hope of the product is to reduce emissions from driving around look for parking spaces, and then drivers will have time for doing something really “sexy” like a near real-time connected love making experience.