LA Connected Car Expo: super concepts, networks, speakers & more

connectecarexpo2More Connected Car Expo exhibitors and speakers have been announcing what they will discuss and demonstrate at the LA Auto Show next week, November 18-20.

Here is the latest news about Aeris, Continental and some speakers.

Super Secure Car from Continental with Huge Data Pipe Demo

Continental, will show its next-generation telematics platform and a demonstration vehicle.Continental’s vehicle has secure and seamless network technology with a super pipe that can aggregate all available data channels, including the driver’s and passengers’ mobile phones for faster and more reliable data transfer, managed by the vehicle router. The vehicle includes secure cloud-based threat protection, multi-layered firewalls, advanced connection management and seamless channel and source switching. It also has DSRC connectivity.

Peter Schwartz will Give the Keynote Address

Peter Schwartz will share his insights on the ever-changing world of connected car tech. He is considered an authority on future planning. In his current position as Senior Vice President for Global Government Relations and Strategic Planning at, Schwartz directs policy and politics throughout the world and manages the organization’s ongoing strategic conversation.

Aeris Clears Air on New Networks for Cars

Aeris’ Managing Director, Steve Millstein will discuss how the current practice of charging a subscription for connectivity is  a barrier to extracting the real value of connected cars. Mr. Millstein will explain how to tear down today’s failing business model and make the promise of connected cars a reality today. (Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 2:45-3:10pm PST)

Drew Johnson, VP of Engineering at Aeris, will outline how getting 80 billion devices connected by 2020 will require multiple access technologies beyond cellular. Mr. Johnson will show how Aeris makes cellular better for machines today.    (Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 10:20-10:35am PST)

Renee Stephens, Vice President, US Automotive Quality, J.D. Power will tell delegates what consumers really want. Auto Connected Car News will be there to let you know all about the trends with connected cars at the LA Auto Show.

The Connected Car Expo at the LA Auto Show previously announced major speakers and programs from Volvo, Hyundai, GM/OnStar, Audi/NVIDIA, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover including Volvo Car Group President & CEO, Hakan Samuelsson, as a speaker.